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One Year From Now...

(There’s a thread like this in Off Topic, but I thought I’d do something similiar here in Training/Nutrition.)

Forget half-hearted New Years resolutions and let’s talk one year goals. Where do you want to be physique-wise or performance-wise this time next year and, most importantly, how do you plan on getting there?

This thread will always be on the forum and can be brought up with a search, so think of it as a contract with yourself. Then next year about this time we can bump this thread and see who reached their goals and who crapped out. So be realistic and serious!

One year from now…

As for me, I’m going to crack 200 pounds while being under 10% bodyfat. I’ll be cycling MAG-10 2-3 times throughout the year and using various programs here at T-mag. For the fat loss phase, I plan on trying MDX, which should be out by then I’m sure. Since I want to gain some arm size, I’ll use “EDT for arms” 2-3 times this year with more traditional programs between focusing on the big lifts. I will deadlift religiously, something I haven’t been doing in the past.

Diet wise I’ll be doing Massive Eating and then switching to a lower carb, lower calorie version towards the end of the year to trim up, perhaps using some of the cheat meal suggestions talked about in recent T-articles. I’m sure T-mag will also throw out some training info I’ll be incorporating in future issues. Looking forward to seeing more stuff my Christain Thibaudeau.

For motivation, I’ll print out some Atomic Dawgs and of course read T-mag and this forum weekly to stay on top of things and stay motivated.

In terms of training, I hope to break 200lbs with a BF% between 8 and 10, continue to improve all my lifts, and continue to gain knowledge regarding training and nutrition. Although this lifestyle is completely for my own satisfaction, I hope to continue to impress friends and family with my commitment to this hobby and the changes that result from it.

On a side note, squat and deadlift are the best excercises ever. Hardly anyone does them at the gym at school, suckers, and you get to move so much weight. I’m glad I never fell into the Biceps/Chest only routine.

I hear you there Joe…you can bank on Mondays being the univeral chest day for every freakin guy in the gym, and every Friday before Happy Hour to be biceps (curls for the girls). I hardly ever see guys working on their lower bodies. Its always chest and bi’s! Anyways, my goals are around the same. I would LOVE to get to 200 lbs (I am currently around 185-190). And keep my bf below 8% (I’m ar 8% right now). I think I am going to start EDT at the beginning of the year and follow that with Meltdown (depending on how much weight I put on). I would like to be able to try Mag-10, but my puny salary wont let me…haha. So, I am going to have to do it by increasing calories with using whey. Although, I am going to splurge a little a buy some Surge and Grow when I do EDT. Hope everyone has a great holiday. I’m out

One year from today I hope to be boxing a pro level. I hope to maintain Bodyweight of 152lbs. with Bf at current level 6.2%. Those are goals as of now, Which I will pursuit with RENEGADE TRAINING, and heart.

Goals as of now:

Squat 500 lbs.

Bench 400 lbs.

Clean 275 lbs.

Snatch 225 lbs.

Chin bodyweight + 25 lbs. for 20 reps

Perform unassisted glute-ham raises

Wheelbarrow 320 lbs. for 45 minutes easily

Smash a #3 Captn’ of Crush Gripper

Pinch grip 2 35’s

Sledge w/ 12 lb. hammer easily

Perform 10 minute rounds on Sledgehammer

Get in superb sprinting condition

Keep bodyweight above 215 lbs.

I’d like to be able to bench 300, and dunk a basketball. As a reasonably athletic 6’4" and 235 you’d think I’d be able to do those things - but I guess I’m just a wimp.

My plan is to do a cycle or 2 of Ian King’s “White Men can Jump” program, and some cycles of Westside-style powerlifting cycles.

Since I can already wrap my fingers over the rim, I think dunking is realistic. However, since I can only bench 250, and have yet to find a really productive benching program, my benching goal might be a little optimistic.

It took me about 5 years of lifting to get to 200, and 5 more years to get to 250 (but 20 lbs was in the last year - after I discovered Westside). Westside is definitely the most productive style I’ve found, but progress is still very slow.

Have any other tall guys found a productive style of working the bench?

Well as the name says I’m a newbie. However I too have some goals I would like to reach. I’ve only been lifting in total for maybe 6 months. Today is My B-day and I’m 30yrs old. Sad how low these numbers are going to be compared to the rest.
Im at least 20% bf 6 ft tall 225 lbs.
Be 10% bodyfat or less.
Bench 225x10 ( only 145 now :stuck_out_tongue: )
Be able to do 10 pull ups
squat 250x10 ( only 165x10 now)
See my abs :slight_smile: (at least the outline of them)
It may seem like im shooting low but believe me it won’t be easy.
I just hope someone is around next year to remind us to look up our goals and see just how close we are :slight_smile:

My training routine was a little messed with the complications in the birth of my son. That and a few too many cheat meals. My goals as of now, physically are to do a fat fast for 30 days, just after the first of the year to get down to a low body fat. (Low for me would be about 7-9%) I’m at 240 now, and by the end of next year I want to be 225 at 7-9%.

From the Fat Fast, over a 3 week transition period I'm going to re-introduce low glycemic carbs such as oatmeal into my diet. After that, for a month I will be doing Don't Diet, to get my metabolism stoked a little higher. Then By mid march-April I will be doing massive eating, and full tilt Renegade Training. I want to complete Two phases of Renegade Training from April to October. In November are the try outs for the Riptide, and I plan on being there. Not all of my success relies on me making the team, however if I don't make it, none of the other success will really matter to me. I will keep trying, with maybe other teams or other leagues.

A year?!?!? Hah, well ok I hope I’ll get my basic college courses out of the way so I can do something interesting for a change.

As far as training is concerned, I want to go down to 10% and stay there. I’m at about 14.5% right now so it prolly won’t take so long. From there, I’ll continue weight training, putting on muscle where necessary.

5’9" goal is to hit 215lbs at 6%bf, deadlift 600lbs, dunk from standing position, STAY HEALTHY & INJURY FREE, get a six figure job, get engaged, be a better person. laters pk

I’m really really REALLY hoping to get my bodyfat up to around to at least 30%. If my new “Fast Fat” diet works the way I’m planning it, I’ll be golden (like a Twinkie) by the 4th of July. Just in time for hot dogs!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

…I’ll be benching 750lbs. and squatting 900 lbs. Oh yeah, plus I hope to be under 5% body fat. at 300lbs.

My goals are as follows: I want to be in a new job that affords me the opportunity to get enough sleep and have enough free time that I can train regularly again. Assuming I am able to do this in the near future (I am interviewing right now) then my goals are to get back into a regular training schedule; regain the approximate 20 lbs I have lost from my peak while maintaining a below 10% BFP (with regular training, sleep and eating, I imagine getting back to where I was relatively quickly is not unreasonable); add an additional 5-10 lbs of functional muscle; be proficient enough skill-wise in the olympic lifts (or their hybrids) that I can really start pushing myself instead of focusing completely on form (eventually I would like to have a body weight snatch); have a PL total of 1,200+ lbs (i.e., break the 300, 400, 500 barrier – I guess this depends on how fast the lost muscle and strength comes back); without quatifying exact numbers, I want to become more explosive, faster and jump higher than I did when I was at my peak. The first goal is to get back what I lost. After that I want to improve beyond where I had been previously.

lets see…i am 37 6’3",225lbs and started lifting 9 months ago.i learned everything i know on this site and goheavy.com.thanx for all the help.here is my goals for 2003
1)reduce bf from 14% to 10%
2)increase standing vertical from 20" to 30"
3)squat to parallel with over 300lbs for 2 reps
(currently squat 265 lbs for 1 rep)
4)bench 250 lbs(currently bench about 200 x 1)
5)start working on deadlift(i never deadlifted before and i am just beginning to learn the form)
6)avoid injuries caused by improper lifting(i had a few this year from trying to go too heavy too quick,nothing serious but enough to lose a few weeks of training time)
7)continue learning and applying proper form for the three main lifts.
8)stay motivated and focused improving my volleyball game thru weight lifting.

My goals are humble; however, I’m not going to set anything unrealistic or crazy or too ambitious because I know I’m going to go nuts if I do (I’m way too goal-oriented). In addition, given my work schedule (constant travel, my bio clock getting messed up due to the frequent time zone changes (Asia, Pacific, East, Mountain, Central, you name it), frequent eating out, working long hours), I’d be very happy with achieving what I’m listing now:

  1. Lose 20 lbs of fat
  2. Bench 100lbs (current bench: 70 lbs when I’m having a great day)
  3. Squat 200 lbs (current squat: 120 lbs)
  4. Deadlift 150 lbs (current dead: 80 lbs)
  5. Increase my grip strength so that I can deadlift 150 lbs (current grip: can manage 80 lb deadlift only sigh)
  6. Gain at least 5 lbs of muscles
  7. Be able to do one good chin-up (currently I can do 60 lb pull downs)
  8. Be able to do one good dip (currently I do zero)
  9. Increase flexibility (currently I can touch the floor with my palms with my legs straight. Would like to be able to bend my arms 30 degrees and still touch the floor with my palms with my legs straight.)
  10. Be more flexible with my training. I know that I can be obsessive compulsive and hate it when I plan to do squats and can’t do them because the hotel gym does not have a decent set of dumb bells or bar bells. But travel is a part of my life (it’s scary when the hotel managers start greeting me by name, especially my last name because they’re too well-trained to say, “Yo, Stella!”), so I need to learn to deal w/ it and get on with the program. Getting frustrated w/ the shitty hotel gym equipment is not going to help my cause one bit. I really need to learn to channel my frustration into beating the hell out of whatever equipment I’m given. (Anyone got any ideas?)

Good luck to everyone posting their goals. It should be fun to revisit this thread in Dec 2003!

Merry Christmas!