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One Year Down, Long Way to Go

Well…I know the pics are bad quality. Taking photos of yourself not only make you feel like a total tool, but it’s also damn difficult to get a decent pic. I know squat about posing, but I was really curious to see what you thought of my progress and if you have any critique.

I injured my shoulder so I haven’t been able to work chest in several weeks…I know…excuses are like A$$holes, but I had to say something about it, because it drives me insane. :slight_smile:

There is a before photo so you can see where I started.

My avatar is 6 months into it and this photo is 1 year into the program. I’m close the the end of my cut…looking to get under 10% before I start bulking.

and the upper wheel

and the lower wheel

and I know this is the worst quality photo of them all…please excuse.

For some reason when I saw your first post I just knew you would spring to the rate my physique forum and post a thread of your own.

good work, legs and especially calves look pretty thick. at 32 years old I am starting to think I will never lose that last bit of fat on midsection but your pictures give me hope :slight_smile:

when wasthe 1st pic taken?

Excellent job. Keep up the good work!

Hey thanks guys…The photo at the lake was 2 summers ago, the rest where all taken this week. I didn’t start to make the transformation untill Feb of 2007 and really didn’t get anything figured out or have any sort of plan of attack untill about June of 2007.

As far as losing that last bit of chub…I still have some. You can tell in that pick of my quad that I still have some fat to lose, but it’s coming off slowly. I’m starting to get a dimple below my belly button and I’m really hoping the skin will tighten up with time.

Thanks again, it’s really hard to see the progress when you see yourself in the mirror everyday so compliments from strangers who have no vested interest is pretty encouraging!

Great calves and grats on the fat loss. Keep it up.

Nice transformation. Your legs look nicely balanced. Well developed quads only look good with a set of thick calves imo.

Good job man. Nice quad development!