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One World Whey?

Anyone familiar with this? I got some samples, its expensive as heck but tastes amazing and so thin, like its not chalky or bulky at all. Something about its processed without using heat, and the bottle even says to not blend it. Super expensive but tastes amazing, 25g protein in small scoop that dissolves super easy. The claims are a little on the strong side how good it is compared to other whey protein, but I guess marketing I expect that. Just curious if anyone else tried it, and if there re any wizards on here who understand the protein processing thing and what they think of it, its its extra special to NOT use heat to make it?

IMO whey is all the same (more or less). Unless taste is important to you, go for the cheapest one you can find. I buy unflavoured. Undenatured Whey is the term for “unheated” processed whey. IMO it does not justify a significant hike in price.

Im no protein expert even though Ive been chugging it in various products for 20+ years…so Im always curious about “new” things that come out…this stuff tastes amazing and has some bold claims, Im not into all the science of making the stuff so was just curious. I buy bulk proteins online or from wholesale stores from the various big name companies in the mags, but I also use more expensive type stuff for the other ingredients it has, and this whey seems to be one of those types of speciality products that might be worth a shot to try for a while and see if I see or feel a difference…

They claim its the first protein made without any heating in the process at all, so it might be different than denatured proteins on the market currently.

Its a veteran owned business so Im fine with giving it a shot for a few bottles…it goes down so easy and smooth Ive been drinking more shakes a day already hah…sometimes Im not in the mood for a milky or thick shake, and this stuff dang near has the consistency of water alone. Seems almost too good to be true to be so thin and have 25g a serving…so if its shady or hype and someone understands the process I wanna hear about it!