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One Wish and 24 Hours to Make It


Ok so you rub a bottle of jack daniels one night after a bender trying to stroke the last drop out. A little genie pops out and says, you get one wish, and you have 24 hours to make it. The rules are no wishing for more wishes and you have to say Geanie grant me this, before your wish will come true. This will avoid any peter griffin type incidents wishing for no bones and such.

So what do you do if you Can make just one wish and don't get a real long time to think about it? Do you wish everyone on the earth happiness? So even someone who lives in a terrible situation is happy therefore has a good quality of life? Do you wish you had a 10 incher that is thick and veiny (i'm sure one of you will say you already do, kudos). Do you wish that every single woman that is above an 8 or 9 on your scale always has an irresistable urge to sleep with you every time they see you?

End world hunger?, End war? Eliminate Hate? Stop all crime?

I am not sure if I could resist doing something pretty selfish. I mean 3 wishes is easy, you make 2 that help humanity, and one selfish one. Have Fun.



I'd probably make a selfish wish. Reason being that if I were to make a wish for something as broad sweeping as End War or End Hunger, what would happen down the road? Sure, hunger and war would be over now, but what about the future when there's so many people due to no built-in population control? The environment would be in ruins, energy sources would be used up, and eventually some people will figure out that there's too many people to support. Boom, there's the beginning of a genocide.

So in closing, I'll just wish for a puppy.


Genie. Grant me... OMNISCIENCE.


That's a very good question.

I wouldn't ask for something like world peace, because that would involve a massive change in human nature, turn us all into docile mindless sheep.

I would ask for something that would benefit humanity and myself at the same time. For example, "Geanie grant me this, let me discover a cure for AIDS." Such a discovery would help millions around the world, and make me filthy rich and famous at the same time.

Or, "Geanie, grant me this, help me to invent a cold fusion reactor." Of course that could seriously fuck up the laws of physics, or on a more practical level, the oil companies would probably have me killed.

On an different note, is the geanie a big bald dude, or of the hot chick variety, because if it was a hot chick and I was drunk that would probably make my wish a lot simpler.


When it comes to wishing for world peace or whatever, I think the best way to go about that would be to wish for life to be like the Star Trek Universe. Except, depending on the malevolence of the Genie, that might include plunging the world into a near-apocalyptic nuclear conflict first. So, you know...

Gabby, I think it is safe to say the Genie would be Kazaam, so, big bald dude.


I'll be going for OMNIPOTENCE please. Cheers


I would wish to be lucky. I already think I am a pretty lucky person, so to be even luckier would be a damn good thing

uuhmmmm so yeah.. I'd be selfish


So you want to watch when this woman takes a dump? Remember, you're going to see everything.


I'd be selfish, but since I'm stoopid I'd probably end up wishing for something that would end up fucking things up for me.


Damn right. Same thing I was thinking.


I'd wish to always make the right choices, to have no regrets.


Thats a good one. You know you don't need a geenie to get lucky though, just me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



That's two separate wishes...


and the luck just comes on down

life can be good


20 Trillion dollars. 10 to bail out the US government and all its debt. 5 to invest in numerous banks around the world to fight world hunger and cures for numerous types of deadly diseases. And of course, 5 for myself to play with and buy all kinds of nice toys :).


I have put some thought into this, obviously since i made the post. I think my personal choice would be that I would have every power that superman has. This would be pretty damn good, because there is nothing that could contain you seeing that kryptonite doesn't exist.

You could therefore go out and do good deeds and help humanity on a rather large scale, yet still have some normal aspects of your life, for instance you could still get with hotties and go sit on a beach drinking margaritas. You would get to hunt down real bad guys and whip thier asses which would always be cool, you could fly, shoot lazer beams from your eyes and throw big things around.

Also you would not be immortal, wishing for immortality, may be cool for a while, but after eons of time, say every human got killed ina big asteroid impact, yet you still lived, you would be walking around a charred planet with pond scum as your buddies. That might suck.

Another possibility, would be to have all the abilities of Goku, at the end of the series, but thats almost the same as superman. The only nice thing about Goku is that he can still train and get stronger, so there is some things he can do to achieve personal goals for himself, which might help ones sanity. Plus it would be cool to have spikey yellow hair on demand.

Either way, I would want to be mortal, yet super badass with the ability to fly. I could acheive much good and still have my fun on the side. Life would be fulfilling and awsome. Did I mention hot chicks? I think hot chicks would naturally gravitate to someone as awsome as I would become.



Not if I know that whatever choice I make will lead to no regrets.

Anyway, :stuck_out_tongue: this is a fantasy thread, not a life is a downer thread!


Inflation. You drop 20 Trillion on the market and it instantly becomes worthless.

Haven't you people ever watched The Simpsons? No matter what you wish for that Monkey's Paw is gonna totally screw you over.


Well, like football said, if you ask for a lot of money you can help yourself and help many others. Seems like a win/win


The argument against being Superman is that, essentially, because superman cannot feel pain, he can also not feel love, empathy, compassion...etc. over time, he becomes distant and detached, alienated from humanity, caring little to nothing of their successes and failures. Just saying...