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one week to look good

Does anyone one know of a program that incorporates diet and workout a week before you can show off your hard work. I Have about 9 days before but deadline. I tried one but no good.

the only thing that comes to mind is strictly limit your carb and dairy intake. I know its not much but it’s the only thing I can think of off-hand

try this bro,

Italion stallion:
Why would you recommend something that you have not read.
That 7 days to: is generalized at best,
Carbs to protein?
Oats! which ones, rolled? Saturday-cardo don’t use quads? can I jog? Meal times, when? how much beef? how much flax oil How much chicken?, sweet potatoes. e-mail so I can go on… there are so many details that are left out that I wonder if its BS or its so general that it won’t work

Bustoff, the author of the article cant give you every detail of the program because the details will personal to you (depending on weight, bf etc). You were out of line when you accused Italian Stallion of not reading the article.

last time i try to help you buddy

Hey stallion, you just confirmed what I said before, you did not read the program. Page 2, quote," Let’s say you’re 10% bodyfat or less". Page 2,quote,“because I’m using a 220 pound guy as an example”. Thats where I’m at and there is still details that don’t make sense. For instance,on friday take MRP 25 carbs to 50 protein. Then he saids the opposite. On Wednesday you eat 7 meals but he does not say how much. How much flax oil? How much sweet potatoes? 4 ozs. 8 ozs? I tried to e-mail him several times.No replys. He’s probably on vacation.

Man losen up, people are trying to help you and you start accusing them. Just use that progarm by modifying it with all the things you have learned over time to work best for you. Or use some sense to improve that progarm rather than pointing fingers at the stallion.

As for your workout, do stripp sets and get your blood pumping overtime.

Stop being an assweed Stallion.

*Bustoff, my bad.

here i’m at least tryin to point the kid in some sort of direction, and i’m gettin abused for it. my suggestion was a mere “suggestion”. what don’t you understand bustoff? and by the way i did read it, and i did try it out, and i did like it

Stallion, sorry for venting. I was getting frustrated with that program.
How much food did you consume on Wednesday? How much flax oil? I started on this past friday. So far its hard to tell. I’m 6’1" and 214 with 18 7/8" arms so I want to show my cuts for this coming Saturday. Next weeks fishing/drinking trip. Hopefully more fishing. LOL. Anyway, thanks again.

If u read my article again, u can see that you can adjust it for YOUR stats.

Do a little of the groundwork yourself. As far as you calling my program b.s., whatever. It ain’t there for no reason, and it works. You not being able to follow it is an entire other issue.

You can also contact me for help in the amounts, but now that you’ve butchered the program dubbin’ it “b.s.”, please don’t bother.

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Congrats for pissing Swolecat off…show some respect for the very FREE information these guys are giving you!

Nuff Said.

Why is this such a mystery? Swole’s article is very good. Do what bb’s do and carb deplete/load and sodium bla bla all that shit. Or stop being an ass for wanting to look “cut” for a fishing trip.

Swolecat, I e-mailed you personally a while ago. You never responded. All I did was question some of the details.
Since I stated that I weighed 220 last Friday I’m trying to follow it the best I can. I didn’t see where how much flax oil, how much chicken on Wedneday, how much sweet potatoes,how much food? examples like that. Do I guess? I didn’t say your program was bs. I understood most of it. The amounts of beef, oats, water, etc were exact, that was great.