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One Week on HOT-ROX


If anyone knows anything about HOT-ROX i just started taking it for about a week now ! should i see any relults?


After one week, you will not really see anything. But your results are a matter of your diet and exercise regimen. HOT-ROX will not make you ripped by itself.


Its not a magic pill. Chances are you've been staring at yourself in the mirror. Thats a sure fire way to NOT see any changes in your body composition. For the next 3 weeks dont look at yourself in the mirror. Then see if there is a difference.


Why don't you just take some measurements? Then it will become clear as to what is going on.


HOT-ROX will optimize your body's use of fat as fuel... but you need to make sure your body is in a state where it can burn fat -- so it can do it's job.