One Week Off Cycle Because of Vacation

Hi guys, new to this forum.

I’m currently on a short ester cycle (propionate, acetate, phenylpropionate).

I inject ED but soon I will go on a week holiday and unfortunately I can’t take syringes and vials on a plain.

My question is if it really matters a lot if I miss a week of injections and what I could do best instead.

Should I just inject double quantities the day I leave to keep my blood levels somewhat high or is that a bad idea?

Anyway, sorry for the (maybe) dumb question.

Thanks in advance.

You only have prop and your going on vacation and you can’t take it with you so there is no solution to this problem unfortunately.

Injecting double of a prop /ace ester does no good in this situation. If anything it would probably just make the peak before what is ultimately going to be a crash bigger.

There’s really nothing that can be done. Just enjoy your vacation and resume pinning when you get back. I promise it’s not going to be the end of the world and you probably won’t notice any change… Hopefully.

If I’m missing something maybe another forum member has a solution I didn’t think of.

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No buddies who’d let you have a couple ml’s of T cyp?

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Bring the test and acquire the works at your destination

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Idk if that’s a good idea to bring a glass vial of illegal substances on a plane lol


By the way guys: thanks for all the extremely fast reactions. I really appreciate it guys.

I do have some test enanthate left. Would it help anything to inject some of that before leaving?

I mean my tren ace levels would still be rock bottom but then at least I would have high enough test levels to maintain some muscle.

My biggest fear is that I have to ‘build up’ tren levels again since it usually takes me 3/4 weeks to notice any (side) effects.

Ya it wouldn’t hurt to pin some test E but regardless your not going to lose anything in one weeks time.

Eh you dont really ever build up ace esters. You sort of just maintain a steady level which is best achieved by pinning ED.

As I said earlier I don’t think your going to notice one way or the other if anything maybe some slight fatigue or libido loss for a couple days but even that is doubtful.

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I would probably put a lavender oil sticker on it and rub lavender oil on it. Say its for aromatherapy if found. Worst case TSA tells u to toss it. It’s one vial they arnt going to bother even if they suspect its gear.

I’m pretty sure you can’t bring glass in general on a plane.

This is a situation where implement my notorious risk/reward scale.

Risk- worse case you get caught end up with a felony of some sort fuck up the whole vacation and it ends in a disaster.

Reward - your prevent missing a shot which either way isn’t going to be a huge deal.

I can’t justify the possible risk. If it was a more severe situation like I had been using a substance that if I go a few days without I will get violently sick and could have seizures then possibly but not over some blood levels dropping for a few days on a tren cycle.

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Allright guys thank you so much! I’ll just shoot some test E before I go then.

Again, thanks for all the helpful answers