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One Week After PCT and No Libido

So I just finished a 6 week DS cycle (I know I know) of DMZ and 11x. Then I ran nolva at 40/40/20/20 along with a natural test booster

I pretty much have no libido but everything else feels fine. I know it’s still early after PCT, but should I run another PCT or wait a few more weeks? I forced myself to “fap” for maybe 2 separate occasions during PCT but other than that I feel limp.

I’ve never taken HCG or Torem… could I run a PCT with these to get me back on track?

I’ve read a lot of people having very low libido when using Nolva. I know people around here say it is better than Clomid, but from user reports I see much more libido issues reported with Nolva.

I would just give it some time, and get blood levels checked in 3 weeks to see where your levels are at.

In the meantime you could add:ZMA,Maca,Avena Sativa,and L-Citrulline and maybe even Muira Puima to boost the libido. Or just get some Viagra or Levitra.

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Thanks man I appreciate it. I’m taking ZMA but I’ll look into those other things you mentioned. I also ordered some D-aspartic acid so hopefully that helps

Low dose talidifal is a good option too