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One Tricep Way Bigger

My left tricep has been much more well developed than my right tricep for about as long as I can remember.  Ever since I noticed this some time early in my days of working out, I have always made sure to try that little bit harder with my right tricep during every tricep workout.  However, the difference just doesnt seem to go away.

Is this common? I would say that my right tricep is a little underdeveloped relative to rest of my body and that my left tricep is very well developed possibly almost larger than I'd like as far as aesthetics/proportions concerned.

I am wondering if this imbalance is an indication that I do bench press and/or military press etc. with asymmterical form or something.


Are you left handed? You might just do alot of stuff during the day where you prioritize your left arm.


Thats what I was thinking except maybe he uses his right arm too much and it doesn't recover as fast as his left?????


you have to really pay attention to your lifts and make sure that you don't have a significant difference in the amount of work being done between the two triceps.

i.e. if you're doing bench and one side hangs, you need to correct that. even if you can just feel a big difference in the amount of work being done between the two triceps, you need to correct that.

as you make your lifts more even, your mind-muscle connection will grow, and you will be able to activate the two triceps more evenly.