One Time Thurman

What do you guys think of this guy??? Had a big discussion at the gym today on him and his style and after watching more of his fights at home I realize he is the REAL deal. A forced to be wreckon with in the welterweight division.

What do you think are the pros and cons of him?

I dont know, too early to tell.

He reminds me of a welterweight David Haye.

Very good athlete, but would probably get exploited by better schooled fighters.

pros: very fast, quite powerful, displays good awareness in exchanges

cons: he comes from that very modern school of relying on your reflexes to save you from potentially bad situations, that could cost him against more talented fighters. He sometimes gets too wild while again, relying on hand speed and reflexes to save him from return fire. I don’t think he uses his jab enough, he seems to use it more as a feeler than ever trying to dominate with it offensively.

Also a lot of the guys he’s beating up on are the kind of small welterweights who buckle under aggression when the opponent is physically stronger. A real indicator will be how successful he is against the bigger beasts in that division, guys who aren’t afraid to line up sharp counters in the middle of an exchange. And there are a LOT of big, strong guys in the WW division.