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one-time test cycle

Hey ya’ll. Here’s a better-informed version of a question I asked earlier. I’ve got a 5ml vial of Delatestryl test enanthate that a friend gave me. (He’s not a lifter; he got it from a friend whose young son was on it because of delayed puberty.) I’ve never done real gear, and never will again after this–can’t afford it and don’t want the legal risk–but I’d like to give it a whirl this once. Somebody told me I should take all of the 5ml at once (split into two injections) and then train & eat as if I were on Mag-10, for a couple of weeks. Sounds good to me, but here’s the question: do I absolutely need some Clomid or something, to help me recover natural T production afterwards, or would a cycle of Tribex plus M be sufficient? How much risk will I be running of gyno or hair loss with this one-time cycle? I’m getting ready to take the plunge, and just want to lay this nagging worry to rest.
Thanks for any advice!

–Jube the steroid newbie

What concentration mg/ml is it? Better be pretty strong and even still i wouldnt expect a whole lot.

Your wasting your time. Throw it to someone who can use it for real. Do not give the politicians more ammunition.

Yeah no point thats only 1g of test. Thats enough for one week of a normal cycle.

Jube, just to let you know, once you take the plunge, it is much easier, mentally, to do it again. It can be a slippery slope. Thats not to say I think its bad, just keep it in mind.