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one thing canada is better than the US at...

vector cereal. when i’m at school, i eat this stuff like a damn madman (my schools in canada and i’m from the US). i just wish we had some sort of cereal like this in the US. if you haven’t tried it and either live close to the border or have some friends north of the border, i suggest you go pick some up or have them mail you a box or 2, or 10. because its really good shit. add some flax seeds to it, and you’ll be poopin it out like clockwork as well.

…and all that mmm mmm good soy protein. And its a cold cereal. Yep, sounds pretty good to me.

its soy protein?!?!?!?!

last time I checked. read the box, bro.

You’ve been duped by the marketing department just like all the Wheaties eating, aspiring “athletes” out there. Vector cereal is no better than any other children’s cereal out there. If you want to use it for cheat meals or carb feeds with “keto” diets, it’s perfect, otherwise forget about it.

I have to disagree that “Vector cereal is no better than any other children’s cereal out there.” While cold cereals are generally foods that won’t help you look good naked (Vector included), there is a substantial difference between Vector and cap’n crunch, etc. I don’t think I need to go into a detailed explanation of why I have asserted this.

…And Canada is “better than the US” at significantly more than just breakfast cereal. Go watch Bowling for Columbine for starters.

This isn’t a political forum, but I had to post this, it exposes Bowling for Columbine for what it really was: a creative film and nowhere near a documentary:


People, please don’t get this “U.S. against the world” thread going again. We had just gotten back to a mature and civilized manner here in the forums. Canadians like Canada, and Americans like the U.S., and if we don’t like where we’re at, we can move. As my dad told me when I was 10, “Ahboy, if I wanted you to be Chinee, I stay in China!”


Thanks Paul. Enough already.