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One Testicle = Low T-Levels?


hey guys, i had a question ive been pondering upon for quite some time.... i only have one testicle, had teste cancer when i was itty bitty... anyway, i was wondering if because i have one testicle i have lower T-evels than normal?


They say that the one will simply take ovetr and produce more. That it has NO prob doing the job of two. That it has NO prob. creating more if the body asks for it.

Hope that reassures you.

Get tested might as well know,


alrighty, i was kinda thinkin that but i wasnt sure.... i jus figured 2 nuts = more test. haha... thanx though man


Not true.

Lance Armstrong = Uni-baller

Don't think he is under on the T level.


Acctually Lnace very wll may be not due to the one nut however but due to the cycling. There have been reports of the pressure from the seat causing probs in cyclist. That and the obvious HIGH level of training.

Sorry bit off topic.


My son was born with one deffective testy and it was removed when he was 6 months old. The doctors reassured us he would be perfectly healthy and normal.