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One Supplement for Someone on a Budget?


Hi I got question regarding supplementation. For someone working part-time and kind of on a budget, what supplement would you recommend everyone should have aside from whey protein, which I'm already taking. I'm talking about the one supplement that is the most effective in physique transformation when used in conjunction with diet and training, regardless of whether or not you use other supplements. Also I'm just asking in general, meaning I'm not asking for a specific Biotest product per se, but just in general (i.e creatine,BCAAs,pre-workout supplement, etc.). BTW i'm currently cutting.


Creatine if you respond to it and 100x more important is having a consistently good diet and training hard/smart.


fish oil


I'd go with Fish Oil or Creatine. They are two supplements that have had a large amount of studies done on them, and can support either a cut or a bulk. And they are both relatively cheap.


I'm somewhat of a non-responder to Creatine, and I take fish oil as a general health supplement, so if we're talking bodybuilding-specific I can honestly say that the combo of BCAA and Beta Alanine (taken pre and post workout) does more for my physique than anything else.....while cutting.

Basically, they allow me to have amazing workouts while I'm completely carb depleted and subsisting on chicken breast, steamed broccoli and walnuts.


I would argue fish oil IS a bodybuilding supplement.

It speeds up fat loss and helps reduce inflammation. I notice a difference being on it compared to not taking it for months.

So OP I would recommend fish oil


Best supplement for physique transformation?

High-doses of fish oil.


Google this article:

"Omega 3 fatty acids for muscle growth: promising potential"


nothing man just stick to protein powder and you'll be straight.


Fish oil for general health reasons, I notice a difference when I'm not taking any, my joints hurt more.

Joints hurting does not equal good lifting.


I'm curious about this. We all know that fish oil is good for us, but has anybody seen any earth-shattering physique changes that they can solely attribute to high dose fish oil?

I know Poliquin goes on and on about his 40+ grams a day and how it transforms his athletes, but I've never seen it first hand.


I would say fish oil, too, unless you are already eating quite a lot of fish.

If you're eating oily fish like salmon/sardines/mackerel a few times a week, then I'd pick creatine as your #2 go-to supplement. Stick with monohydrate. None of the specialized forms have ever been shown to hold a candle to simple creatine monohydrate. And, like others have said, it's pretty cheap.


fish oil it is then. Does it really matter about the dose? I got the wal-mart 1000 mg brand 180/120 eha/dpa, and I'm planning on taking 4-6 caps a day is that enough?? I weigh about 250.


Am I the only one who noticed zero difference when I started taking fish oil regularly?




No. At your BW, aim for 4,000mg of DHA per day. So that is 34 fish oils a day: 17 with breakfast, 17 with dinner. That's why it is a bitch and why Flameout is the shit. 7-8 Flameouts a day = covered (for me).


Don't just buy a generic brand, in the case of fish oil the source (MUST BE WILD) is extremely important.

I've heard Flameout is good but since the Canadian reseller I buy my supps from doesn't sell it I haven't tried it. If you can't get Flameout a brand I recommend would be Carlson's


I'm changing my opinion to this.


Andy, a question for you: is there a metric you're using to make this calculation? I've not seen a recommended mg/lb of body weight ratio for fish oil and was just curious.



If you lift heavy and train hardcore, then fish oil is the best additional supplement (it is reduces joint pain dramatically, which you will have if you lift heavy)

But, if you training is not that intense, then you will see better results from a simple creatine monohydrate. Creatine is dirt cheap.

Buy both, get a cheap creatine (universal creatine is good, they use german imported creatine, not low quality chinese shit); and get a good fish oil.

And of course, eat shit loads of good food