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One Steroid at a Time/Question on Orals


What oral steroids can be taken besides dbol, striant, and winstrol? Can one take one steroid at a time an still see results?


There any many types of steroids in many types of forms..orals..oil..suspension..ect. ect. A quick google search for steroid profiles should reveal much information on whats out there.

Yes you SHOULD be able to see results for ANY steroid with everything in place. ( Legit gear, diet, training, rest, ect..).

If what you are really asking is can you see results from simply doing an oral cycle, the honest answer is YES, but that does not mean you should. Oral only cycles are not recommended by most anyone with knowledge about AAS, and you most likely are not going to get the long terms results that you are looking for by introducing AAS into your body.