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One-Step Weight Gain Plan for Buddy


One-Step Weight Gain Plan for Buddyto gain weight but doesn't eat enough on an interesting addition to his (non-existent) diet: I told him to just get a jar of Adams peanut butter (and to be a man about it and get the big one) and a box of Ritz crackers, and every day, just glop the PB on the crackers and scarf away. Finish all the crackers and PB in a week and start again the next week with another jar and box.

Calc'ed it out at 6400 calories in the jar of Adams PB, and another 2240 in the box of Ritz; for a per week add of 8640 calories, or per day- 1234 calories.

I'm thinking it will go to a large AND a small jar in a week or two, and 1.5 boxes of Ritz- lets see him just try to NOT gain weight on that.

Figured everyone here might get a kick out of this simple one-step weight-gain plan I put together in about 0.5 seconds when he was bugging me (again) about wanting to gain muscle and get bigger. I figured I needed a one-shot high-calorie high-protein easy-to-eat tasty food and peanut butter was the first one to come to mind, with the Ritz as a delivery system (and carbs).