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One Source of Meat & Cardio Questions


Hey guys i a have a few questions i need answered or get advice on. I have been working out for a few years but never really lifted heavy, now i am on my second cycle of the T-Nation work out, i did 3 weeks of each section. I would like to gain about ten to twenty more pounds of muscle, i like being able to lift heavy and i never have before but i am in pretty good shape right now.

I am 6'0 193 and my lifts are
deadlift 365 sixth set twice
squat 365 sixth set twice
Bench (very weak) 245 once

I am really trying to increase my strength, since i started lifting heavy i am addicted to it now,i just want to be able to squat a fucking house and flip a car ahhhhh rage.

But seriously, my diet is toast with peanut butter preworkout at 5am then when i get back a protein shake, two eggs and a bowl of special K.
snack i have a protein shake
Lunch i have chicken and baby spinach
snack is another protein shake
dinner is chicken and either asparagus or broccoli

  • My question is i only eat chicken for meat really, should i switch it up, its very convient and cheap. I think i am not eating enough cause i know you have to put on weight to get stonger from what i have been reading.

Also my other question is i run two to three miles after my workout to stay in shape cause i need cardio for judo, is this a problem? Should i try walking up hill for twenty min instead? Any advice would really help thanks guys.


You should switch up your meats for sure, 3 months of say just eating chicken Id lose my shit!
Steaks/fish/lamb/mince/meatballs and so on, get them in! Also you seem to have low amounts of carbs too, which is gonna affect your lifting intensity and strength as well!

If your goal is to get bigger, and I mean im not a huge dude but also focussing on weight gain and strength, then runing 2-3miles after working out and it seems your also doing Judo? With so much cardio how do you expect to gain strength? Your gonna run yourself into the ground. I did the same thing when competing in jiu jitsu last year! I loved running and martial arts but wanted to get bigger... with so much cardio caloric expenditure your not gonna get as strong and as big as your probably have in your end.

Choose a goal and give 100% to it...