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One Simple Cycle and I Screwed Up. What Should I Do Now?

I talked about my story in details in this thread here:

In short I took nebido last year in July -because I was stupid- and I used test C and primo for 4 weeks - only in July- and then I waited until November I tested my blood my TT was 216ng and I started my PCT which lasted for 7 weeks and then my TT was 1350ng on the last day.

recently, I have retested my blood the result was worse than what I expected:

My total test is 262 ng/dl
free test is 9 pg/ml
LH is 4.8
FSH 3.5
E2 30 pg/ml.

The blood was taken 8am 7 August 2021 without eating anything in the morning.
To be honest I was a little bit nervous and I didn’t sleep very well I slept 5 or 6 hours but anyway I remember when I was natty there was no circumstance in which I feel myself having low T. always wanking, always horny whether I slept 5 or 10 hours weather I felt nervous or excited I felt 10 times hornier than I feel now.

Now what should I do? It has been long enough to clear any ester and restart my HPT axis.

  • My option1: Consult my endocrinologist and see what he suggests?
    Frankly, I see no point in visiting him. He is more specialized in people having diabetes and I don’t think he knows a certain spell that solves this problem; he will either tell me to wait more time or start TRT even using SERMs or HCG are not options for him.

  • My option2: blast and cruise with test till I want to conceive - I can buy test sus from pharmacy without prescription 4 usd per ampule- and that what I wanted in the beginning to improve my physique by taking steroids why it is wrong to be on test then?.

  • Option3: Stay clean till November and test again.

  • Option4: Try to blast some HCG and see if that helps.

  • Option 5: take small dose of SERMs or AIs to bring down my E2 a little bit and increase my test.

  • Option 6… you suggest.

Just one simple note: despite my T is low I don’t feel crappy and I can recover well after gym I can have sex and enjoy it, and my strength didn’t drop

but I don’t have the urge to have sex as I used to, sometimes I have painful erection and sometimes I lose my erection in sex and I feel I am adding too much fat month after month very easily.

What was your TT before your cycle last year? Was it low?

Honestly I didn’t test it. But judging on the feeling I was ten times hornier than now.
For example the urge for having sex was killing me I was not able to resist doing it less than twice a day but now I feel I can stop for the entire week without any problem, my balls were clearly bigger my ejaculation volume was bigger my recovery and progress in the gym was better.
All of these are signs of different test levels.

What’s your prolactin level at now?

Ignoring the cycle story, your TT of 262ng would qualify for TRT in my book

I didn’t test it but why does it matter?

Because high levels of PRL can kill your libido. That means you don’t want to have sex like you used to

Is the forum dead? are there any responders here?

@iron_yuppie I think you are one of the educated guys in this forum. Would you please comment on my situation?

Man that is all bad. Your LH is good and your TT is really low. That means your testes are getting enough of a signal to produce testosterone and they’re just not cooperating. Taking HCG probably isn’t going to do much. That’s typically reserved for guys with low LH. That doesn’t mean you can’t try it, but that wouldn’t be my first choice. I would see a doctor at this point. Your numbers indicate that trt is a reasonably good option.

But what can the doctor tell me?
Most likely he will not bother himself to find me any solution he will just prescribe TRT which I can get from pharmacy without his prescription.
I am really upset; if I can’t get normal levels produced naturally that means I will struggle a lot to conceive in the future.
Just one simple move ruined my life, I can’t understand that.

Guess you didn’t like my answers lol.

What exactly are you looking for? No matter what you did in the past, your levels are low now and you’d do well to at least try TRT.

As for fertility have you done a sperm check? Was it low? There are ways to bring fertility back if needed

That’s not likely to be true. Male fertility is pretty durable. Guys get their partners pregnant while on tren, which tells you that your system is pretty resilient. You can start trt—which you need based on numbers and how you feel—and run a program that focuses on fertility. Hcg and enclomiphene are the go-to choices for that particular situation. Unless you have a semen analysis that says you’re infertile you have no reason to believe that you’re going to have trouble conceiving in the future.

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You didn’t give any suggestion you just asked me questions.

  1. TRT is an option for you
  2. check prolactin since your libido sucks
  3. research fertility protocols for the future should you decide to get someone pregnant

Most likely I am going to take your advice.

So you suggest that there is no point in waiting more time or trying to see another blood sample?

I’m always impatient, so I’d say the sooner you treat your issue the sooner you’ll start to feel better. But, if you want a second reading just to confirm before you start, you could always test again

I have talked about my story in another thread and it seems to me that I need Testosterone now.

But the problem is that HCG is not available in my country right now should I wait until someone brings it to me from another country? or it is completely OK to continue for months without the HCG? Is it even necessary at all to add it to my TRT regimen? Does it really give me better chances to conceive in the future than the ones who only take it before needing it?
In my stupid cycle that I have done I felt my balls squeezed when I ejaculate so maybe HCG solves this problem or this only happens in the beginning?

  • I have another problem that after stopping the cycle my gyno is getting bigger and bigger, what should I do?
  • The test that I have is test sustanon and I have heard by many people that they need to take it EOD to get stable blood but what about blasting it in the first two weeks then Test deca will accumulate in my blood and then take it once a week?

Get a sperm count done before you do anything else. If you have sperm, I would get them frozen if you wish to conceive later on.

I would say wait it out, if you don’t feel crap then don’t let a number tell you otherwise. TRT is a life long commitment, I would advise to avoid it as long as you can.


I don’t believe it is