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One side overly dominant..


I was just taking some before pictures when I noticed my entire left side is more developed than my right.

The weird thing is that I am right handed, is this weird?

So I suppose I need to add more dumbell work to bring up the lagging side if it’s possible.

I am currently following CW’s Anti-body building program and do a lot of compound lifts. Should I just do the full substitution with d’bell lifts?


This seems to be partly genetics, early training in life, and the “priority principle”. I think I read somewhere that early on Arnold had the same issues and my prioritizing his workouts and learning what shapes what, he was clearly able to even things out into a state of perfection. Basically work your weak parts first when you are working out.

I actually have the same ‘problem’. Even though my left side is dominant, my right side (legs/arm) is a bit bigger.

What movements are you planning to replace with unilateral work?

I notice I have a side that is stronger than other with certain muscle groups. Doing Berardi’s workout (#286), I’m primarily doing barbell excersies, so what I’m trying to do is concentrate on squeezing/contracting the weaker muscle a bit harder than the stronger side…its seems to be helping me reach a balance.

Oh well, then I guess I am not totally mong then.

Nothing too complicated or fancy

Dumbell curls for barebell curls

One armed rows for bent over rows.

dumbells press for bench and shoulder press.

Thinking about adding one armed snatches, deadlifts and side presses if necessary.

I will still do barbell work but will do less of that and more one-sided work.