One Shot 250mg Test E

Hi there I was to start my first test e cycle. 250mg every 6 days
The gear was 1cc 250mg I done one pin last Saturday 10 days ago.
My wife recently died so I will not be continuing the course.

Will I need pct as its already been 10 days. For the last 4 says I’ve had really
Sensitive nipples without access to nolva and when will I be at my lowest of free test in blood
And what will be going on at what stage in my body.
Just so I know what to do and what to expect. Yesterday I started taking
Bsn 17tt and tribulus and will do for the next two weeks. Thanks Joseph

I’m sorry for your loss.

After just 1 pin you should recover fine

That’s terrible man in sorry for you loss.

You will be fine

That’s super rough, I can’t even imagine. Hang in there man, don’t worry about your PCT, after one shot it won’t make much of a difference at all.

Thanks for your support guys. How long before full recovery of hpta and testes running fully once again do you think?


Should be fine now one shot isn’t gonna shutdown your HPTA