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One Rep Max??


I am going to start on Mr Waterbury's ABBH 1. I need to use 80% of my 1 Rep Max. My question is how do I know what my 1RM is?

Do I continue loading a bar and trying it?

I apologize for being a newbie.



try using the westside max effort day as a template. pretty much:
real light weight x5
add a little bit x3
add a little bit x3
then start doing singles
you should not be tired or taxed from your 5 and 3 rep sets. you should have some idea what your max is based on what you are reppin', so play it by ear.


Yes just load a bar and keep trying till you reach a weight that you can longer lift,and or you lose proper form trying.Make sure you get rest betweem attempts though and that you rest about 10-15 mins between each exercise that your trying to find your RM for.Also dont sweat it if when it comes to doing ABBH you have to use less than 80% of your RM.Your 1RM is only a guide and your should make sure you do all the sets and rep with a load that you can lift for the paramaters.You will know if you have the right load becasue you will be at or near failure only on the last rep of the last set if at all.

Good luck!!!


Thanx to both of you....this information is very useful.