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One-Rep Max Problem


Hi, my name is dave (sorry for my english) and i have a big problem with my 1RM chart, here is my chart:

1: 1.0
2: 0.995
3: 0.917
4: 0.885
5: 0.857
6: 0.832
7: 0.809
8: 0.788

i do a 12 weeks peak chart, a bit like ed coan, i start with 8 reps for week one and decrease my reps until i reach 2 reps with a max weight.
but the problem is that during my peaking week, i got stronger, i follow my chart religiously, but when a pass from 5reps to 3 reps, the chart do a big jump down for my 1RM, i almost 50 pounds under. So during all my peaking week i think i get stronger, but at the end i got just 3 pounds more.

So i ask your help to help me to find a real good chart to peaking, and don't forget that i'm a drug free lifter, so a can't follow certain kind of chart build for lifter who use drug!
thank you for your help!


From what I know of most "Ed Coan" programs, and what you are describing, it sounds like linear periodization. This is where you start the program with a lighter weight and high reps and progress weekly towards a much heavier weight and reps in the 1-3 range. This is usually not the best way to go. You can make gains from this, and I used something similar when I first got into powerlifting, but a lot of lifters have problems with the same type of poundage jumps you are describing.

I highly recommend you look at a westside style of training. Read "The Eight Keys" by Dave Tate to get you started.





Good luck and ask if you have any questions.



my fiends and I would do the linear program and while we thought we had lots of progress in the beginning, about three weeks out from peaking we couldn't keep up with the program. then an old timer told me the secret to many of those programs - three or four weeks from the peak is when the "cycle" would start.


You can't go by percentages or one rep max charts. They never workout and are never the same for any 2 people. And you also can't go by what Ed Coan did because he probably would have been the best of all-time no matter how he trained. I personaly think he could have been even stronger if he trained with the conjugate system. Which is the best way to train, read as many articles on westside as you can find. Follow those, and you will get freaky strong.