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One Reason Not to Have a Home Gym


I've quite happily been using the 'ol garage gym setup now for about 18 months. Got a squat rack, oly weights and power rings, and a rather under-powered heater.

So yesterday I rather naively thought about buying a set of dumbells, maybe 5 pairs or so...shouldn't be too expensive...Wrong!

So I thought I'd try the second hand market...all I came up with was one guy on ebay selling a pair of 120lb dumbells for 10GBP. Tempting, but a 4 hour round trip to collect seemed overkill.

Anyone on here know of any decent UK supplier who don't make their dumbells out of precious metals?


Why not just buy DB bars and load whatever you need? Seriously, I bought a pair from friggin Walmart like 4 or 5 years ago, have loaded them up to 220lbs each, dropped them excessively...never had a problem. Ironmind's are good, but expensive, but if you want to go a little higher quality than Wal-mart, check those out.


In short no.

Gear is expensive over here. Power rack a few hundred, oly bar a few hundred more, full dumbell range - mate you need a good couple of grand (Thats just for a reasonable rack price of ?3-500)...

But if i had the cash and space id be i the market for it!

....and a rower

....and a sauna

....maybe russian wife too?


Cheers guys, thought that may be the case. Have to hope Father Christmas is generous this year.


Adjustable DBs are the only way to go if you're thinking of saving money.

They take up less room as well.