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One Pec Not Growing! Solutions?


Hi, I'm new here and need some advice.

I've just finished Chad Waterbury's Get Ready program in Huge In A Hurry, and I'm 7 workouts into his Get Big program (phase 1). I'm making fast gains all over, but my right pec is not growing, it's no bigger than when I started! I'm doing the sessions exactly as Waterbury laid em out (with the corrections he provided for the phase 1 typos), pushing at full speed/intensity, using proper form.

I've had a physiotherapist check it out, I've had a nerve conduction test done, no problems there. I've never had an injury. So what the f**k is going on? How can I get this pec muscle to wake up?

Thanks for your input,



Use dumbells.



Get a better MMC with your chest Work on contracting that pec


Are you sure its not just an asymmetric variant of the insertions of your pec muscles?
do you always lift the bar evenly?
Have you ever tried concentrating on flexing that pec while lifting?
do you use the other hand to beat off? (or any other repetitive manual labor)
Tried Dumbbells? one handed pushups?
Maybe take it to a nice seafood dinner and resolve your differences?

my left lat/bicep is smaller than my right due to a bicep tear once upon a time. I concentrate on flexing my left side as much as possible when I do pullups. Can't tell you if its working yet


Post pics


You are 7 work outs in.

Come back when you reach 700. Bet you the problem will be fixed.


Haha exactly, a little early for a physiotherapist.