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One Pec Bigger


if been liftin for abot 2 years gained decent muscle but my right pec is smaller then my left by lil u can notice it from the side is there anything to do to help this.i mean they both grew just oe grew a lil bigger



ummmmmmm maybe try some dumbell-only work and make sure you contract them both evenly....


I've got the same thing. It's likely genetic. RU right hand dominant? The way I look at it is who cares, unless UR a bodybuilder which thankfully I'm not.



I would agree with Nick. If you are right/ left hand dominant, that is probably the root of your problem. Obviously we favor whichever side we feel we have more control over, and wether we know it or not that side may be doing more of the work when you are doing movements like the bench press. It would be hard to isolate one side of your chest and use enough weight to make signifigant changes without compromising your balance and strain on your back. I would suggest a press style machine where your back is firmly supported and you can hold on to a bar to stabilie your strong side while working just the weak side. Otherwise try to simply focus more when you lift and control how much you are allowing your strong side to dominate the movement. I'm sure the size difference is something only you would notice, but you are your most important critic, so good luck.


Dumbell Presses instead of Barbell presses. If you're already doing both switch the order you're doing them in. Many guys who do both usually do the Dumbells as a suppliment to the barbell presses and go lighter on the dumbells. If that's what you're doing, do the opposite, make your dumbell lifts the heavy ones and go easy on the barbell work for a while.

You'll probably find that this helps even you out and the change could help you add some extra muscle as well.

While perfect symetry might not be necessary, it seems this lop sidedness is enough of a concern for you to post about it so you should probably take some action to correct it.


in the past i did mostly heavy dumbell press. . they are both the same strength wise. im right hand dominate and its the left thats bigger. .my girl said its noticeable when i have my shirt off but not drastically i was just curious if i could fix it


I have that exact same problem.. right handed, left pec bigger .... I've been using dumbells too and it feels like my shoulder on my right side is doing more of the work than my chest.


Well first off, everyone will have some inequalities between all paired muscles. That goes for even the most symmetrical figures. Second, I'd like to know how long have you been lifting. The first couple of years the diffences between how your muscles grow due to their articulation will surface rather quickly.

When you notice this, you need to really examine how you execute the movements on any given exercise. When you discover the flaws you make a conscious effort to correct them every time you lift. This is when mirrors in the gym come in handy. I bet if your bench was observed by someone, they could tell you your elbows are at different angles during the lift. This has a significant effect on how your pec contracts and how much your shoulder has to come into play.


i only have the problem with my arms, my right arm is about an inch bigger than my left


I agree - if it's just a slight difference, it's probably just a form issue. Have someone watch how far out from your body your elbows go and if it's even.