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One or Two Muscle Workouts

My brother recently started going back to the gym doing some intense workouts (he recently showed me his back workout “program” when he visited me and my back was sore for two days after it!)

Although, what he does is different than what I see on most “programs” although, it isn’t unique or anything. He works out one muscle group per day.

Chest workout day, arms, back, shoulders/tri, legs. He does the 5x2 program.

My question is, is it better to do two muscle groups or his way? Like on many programs I see back/chest, shoulders/arms, etc. Or are these types of programs great for “specializing” in a certain area? (Let’s say I wanted to work on my shoulders a lot, I’d do a program like this. Workout my shoulders at the beggining and end of the week so I worked them out for two times rather than once.

Sorry if I didn’t make sense, need to wake up a bit more.

it all depends certian things work for different people. I also find the way your brother works out the best for me and im not doing so bad for a 19 year old in lifting if i say so my self

They all work dependent on the work you put in and what works best for you.