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One Off Cycles Worth It?


Hi all

If you didn’t want to take regular cycles would taking the odd one off cycle (maybe one every 18-24 months) be worthwhile?
Could you take slower and steadier gain type gear such as using slower esters and things like anavar or Tbol oral wise to put in some solid muscle but not blow up and then with good pct actually keep the majority of the gains and not just go back to how you were pre cycle?

A friend of mine who competes in bodybuilding recently started using and did quite a heavy cycle straight away and once he came off he pretty much looks the same as before the cycle except maybe a little bit bigger.

Any thoughts/advice on this would be appreciated?


Response to your question is No. For experimenting, ok…

hummm… your friend = big liar. If he just came off for 1 or max 2 weeks, yes, he may be looking better because of the dryer effect when you come off… you’ll look better one/ two weeks right after u stop with steroids, thats pretty usual.

When a BB say he’s off, he is at least ON test and/ or HGH. Sometimes, when the guy is big, above 210lbs stage almost ready (7%bf), even 8 to 9%… they are using test, little tren, EQ… plus HGH… plus other exotic things… never believe someone really big saying he’s OFF everything. Never… we lie.


Thanks for your insight man! Love the ending too haha

So you are saying the reason he has stayed bigger than pre cycle is because he will have kept at least some maintainence test in there?

And your advice would be that using some slow ester gear and something like tbol for example would be a waste of time because a few months after the cycle if I was off everything I would look just like I did before I went on?