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One of Those First Cycle Threads


Lets start with stats.

Age: 29
Height: 68inch (5'8)
Weight: 210lb
1-3: Winstrol (50mg ED)
1-12: Sustanon 250 (Twice a week)
1-12: EQ (Twice a week)
10-12: Winstrol (50mg ED)
Training: 10+ years (some isolation, MOSTLY compound lifts, Crossfit), 5-6days a week (depending on how I ate/rested/feel)

Started lifting when I was in middleschool (where I got my permanent strechmarks after blowing up in less than 3months). I joined the Army when I was 21 and after bootcamp I was 160lb. This is where I started my base - fast forward to couple deployments and I am now 195lb @ 15% BF. I could never get past this barrier, I bulk, then cut, I still end up around here. I thought I've reached my max. Gym coach suggested I try cycle. Researched, talked to peepz, scanned forums then gave in. Started 2nd week of Jan. 2 weeks prior, I started eating alot (because of holiday) and put on an extra baggage (202LB @ no clue what % BF) - I'm now 3 weeks in... at 211 LB.
My lifts has been through the roof, specially after gaining weight (which I always put this by law: mass = strength)

Bench - 295 to 335LB
DL - 455 to 485LB
Squat - 405 to (TBD)
Press - 175 to (TBD)
(Records below if it matters:)
Cleans - 245 to 285LB
Overhead Squat - 175 to (TBD)

I do Crossfit program that consist of warm-up, strength program (some olympic weights) and then Metcon. After this, i give it 10-20min of break and I hit my Wendler program with some isolation.

I have been eating anything and everything (180g of protein from shakes alone), ice cream, pizza, rice, whatever. Since my friend suggested calories are calories. I am just gaining too much, too fast. My shirts have been getting tighter everyday but I also notice that i am also putting on some carbs/fats with it. Also, my cardio just went to shit. My times have been slower and I feel like I'm carrying body armor when I run. But strength has been through the roof.

Do I stick to just calorie intake? or keep it cleaner? Your input is welcome, harsh or humble criticism.

Also I guess my goal is to get that squat to higher #. I love squat and I could never get passed 405lb.

Sorry for the long post.


Where’s your pct? No ai?


IF you are focusing on mass stop doing “metcon” and crossfit shit before your strength training.

as for the diet “clean or dirty” why not both. Eat 24oz of REAL MEAT a day (chicken, fish, lean red meats) a protein shake before bed and in the morning. eat at least 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. THEN you can eat ice cream, pizza, whatever the fuck you eat.

Do this before you do steriods please.