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One of Those Days...


I'm sitting here, working the front desk at my gym on labor day. All of our machines are practically in the lobby area all within sight, And I'm watching a, what has got to be a 350+lb woman, doing wieghted side bends on the back extension machine. The thing is, I've been watching her do the same routine for 6 months straight now.

I work the morning shift, 5am-1pm. She comes in EVERY mon-fri at 5:30am. Honestly one of the most dedicated persons we have here. But she comes in, and goes RIGHT to a piece of abdominal machinery, bangs out some shit, and then does MAYBE 20 mins on an elliptical. Then she farts around on some of the strength machines, comes right back to the Abdominal area, fucks off on some machines for a little while longer, and leaves.

As a personal trainer and someone who is no stranger in a gym, I could walk around the gym and correct just about everyone on something they are doing, but I make it a point not to, because #1 most people won't listen to you #2 most people don't care #3 it comes off as being a know-it-all asshole.

I have a feeling her main issue is nutrition, because even with her questionable workouts, she would lose weight if she were eating right. Anyways, This was an extremely pointless post, but I'm bored and i should be BBQ'ing and throwing back a brew or 2... or 9. I'll probably never say anything to her, she doesn't really like me since the former morning guy had a thing for fat chicks and would flirt with her, and me, not so much. I'm just wondering how long she can keep this up before realizing she needs to educate her self and start doing it right. It's like trying to fuck with a limp dick and dry vag.


Maybe she doesn't want to lose weight, and prefers to find guys who have "a thing" for fat chicks?


You'll be home with the bbq and suds soon.


Man doesn't your gym keep records of their members? like weights, exercises to be done and stuff like that???

That would be a good excuse for you to put her on track. I know that you are not into fat chicks but maybe, just maybe she is clueless and very desperate but doesn't know how to do it. It is easy to say to someone "just eat less" but less of what???


Then why is she doing side bends on a back extension machine? To bring out her ripped intercostals for her bed aerobics?


Maybe she has back pain and that helps alleviate the problem?

At her size, no exercise she does is done with the intent of displaying any muscle.

She could be following an exercise regimen prescribed by a physiotherapist to fix/realign/improve/whatever some problem or condition she has. Not all people in a gym are there for purely aesthetic reasons.