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One of The Biggest Guys I've Ever Seen


Was a 63 year old black guy at my gym.. He weight lifts while also doing boxing and is fucking huge. By huge i mean extremely close to IFBB Pro lvl. His physique kinda reminded of CT Fletcher maybe a tiny bit bigger.

The crazy part is i dont think he takes any of it seriously and doesn't know too much bout diet/weightlifting. I asked him a couple questions about dieting and all he said was he eats pretty much whatever he wants and doesn't train too hard because it'll effect boxing(he's also a trainer).

Its crazy how far genetics can take you. The only problem with his body was that his legs didnt match up to par with his upperbody but they were still freaking huge.


He probably just played some basketball.


maybe he drinks koolaid post workout?




There is probably a lot more to it than that, he probably did not want to be bothered. Or tell a stranger about what assistance he was on.


I think the old fella was trolling you, OP.


One of the biggest guys I ever saw....broke the seat in his Ford Ranger trying to buckle himself in.


I've seen this playing basketball thing many times here, really curious where it comes from originally.


Look above you.

It's a TNation exclusive meme :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats what I thought.


Was it you professor?


I wrote once that I have seen guys who just play basketball at the gym who look more built than some people think requires serious weight training.

Take that as you will. Do they look like pro bodybuilders? Hell no.


I have never owned a Ford Ranger....and at his biggest this guy was 370lbs at about 6'4".

Strange you would focus on me though.


(not a real quote btw in case you get carried away lol)


That is what you would think I had written from the way some of these guys act.


I had a strong feeling that was what happened, Thanks for clearing that up for me.






yeah, but he only made progress once he read a degree level biology book.


maybe was he a pro boxer?