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One of the Best Beginner Programs

BASIC Powerbuilding Routine(inspired by PJR of Intense Muscle)

Day 1: squat/deadlift/abs
pick one squat movement, 5x5 or work up to a single
one deadlift-type/posterior chain, rep range depends on exercise
ab work 4x15-20

Day 2: chest/shoulders/pull
bench movement

PJR’s Flat Bench Reccomended Rep Scheme:

I stay at sets of 10 on bench because of a previous injury but for someone else I would say work up to a top set of 3 and stay at that for 3 total sets (so a 3 x 3) then do back off sets until you were back at your 2nd or 3rd warm up weight. Like so…

135 x 10
185 x 10
225 x 10
(start 5’s)
275 x 5
315 x 5
(start 3’s)
335 x 3
355 x 3 x 3 x 3
(back down)
315 x 5
275 x 5
225 x max reps

pressing movement with DBs or dips-higher rep range, 8-15
alternate between a back width movement and a back thickness movement each day

train 3x a week on non-consecutive days. alternate between day 1 and day 2 e.g. if:
monday: day 1A
wednesday: day 2A
friday: day 1B

then the next week would be:
monday day 2B
wednesday day 1A
friday day 2A

have 2 sets of both day 1 and 2, where each day consists of different exercises, e.g.
day 1A
oly squat
rack pull

then there should be another day 1 which is alternated that would maybe look like:
day 1B
front squat
sets are not to failure. leave one solid rep.

day 2A would maybe look like:
Flat Bench Press
DB shoulder press
barbell row

day 2B
standing push press
incline DB press
chin up

always strive to progress, 2.5 lbs a side, or additional reps.

NO ARM WORK NECCESSARY!!! at least for the first few months. concentrate on the basics, and eat like a horse, and the arms will grow anyways.

squat movements
back squat(parallel or olympic)
box squat
front squat(olympic or standard grip)
leg press?
one legged leg press
hack squat

generally work up to a single for free weight squatting movements, usually a set of five, then three, then two singles. 5x5 is also a good option.

deadlift movements/posterior chain
deadlift from floor-six worksets of singles(pjr’s recc.), i personally like to do triples until i can’t,
then drop to singles and work up to a one rep max
rack pull
stiff legged deadlift
Good Mornings, Arched back version
generally for others, 5x5 works well.

chest movement
barbell incline
barbell flat
barbell decline
DB versions
close grip?
again work up to singles on flat bench type moves, 5x5 maybe even 3x5 for other barbell moves, higher on DB movements

standing military press
seated military press
standing push press
behind the neck versions?
DB shoulder press
one arm press
bradford press
you guessed it, 3-5x5 again.

back width
lat pulldowns to front. to back?
chins, assisted/weighted
rack chins?
close grip pulldowns
reverse grip chins/pulldowns

back thickness
barbell row underhand or overhand
t-bar row
dumbbell row
chest-supported row
other machine/hammer strength rows?

Really that couldn’t get any simpler, been advising it to anyone who asks and they all grew like a weed off it. Forgot to post it untill i was Pm’ed asking for help.

Nice program! Added to my toolbox! Thanx!