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One of My Favorite Youtube Videos


It has gotten better for me since frequenting this site as (and I mean no offense with this as the guy ends up justified in court with all the rest of the people on the bus getting convicted of various things) I kinda see this video as Pushharder goes to the city in my head.

In a few years I want to be this guy over 60 and not taking any shit from some young thug. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQJFv9SMSMQ&feature=player_embedded


Lmao that "young thug" is another 60 year old dude.

I too aspire to be like a batshit insane waster when I'm 60.

In other news anyone heard about that shakeweight


Eh young is relative :). I'll be happy if I can kick the asses of the dudes that are 7 years or more younger than me.


wait... is that black guy really 60ish??? i really can't tell the age of any black person over the age of 15...



It's great to see the black man's side of the story. Epic beard man? More like old douchebag racist.


You say Epic Beardman... I say Amberlamps... I will one day find her, oh yes.



Dammit I wanted to mention the shakeweight!!!!


Have you guys seen those Planet Fitness commercials?


Excuse me, young black dude is a douchebag.

If he tells me the sun is rising in the east, I am betting against it.

Did you see old white guy getting to the other end of the bus?

Because I did.

Apparently that was not enough.

Oh well, sometimes you are asking for it, and sometimes you even get an ass whooping from someone who might or might not a racist, but, guess what, you still were asking for it.

Even racists have their moments of righteousness, it might be hard to be a racist 24/7.


Little drunk dude's mouth tries to write a check his ass couldn't check sadly it happens all the time too bad race had to be brought into it. All I see is two losers who provided some entertainment for people on the bus, and for the one video taping some pop tarts she stole after the bearded one left the bus


Old dude sounds like Sling Blade, mmhm


Even more of a reason not to fuck with him, sling blade killed his momma and her boyfriend with a scythe
So we have an epic beard, a shirt that announces his motherfucking nature, and he sounds like a mentally unstable guy who killed two people while they where fucking. This guyt should be like Godzilla you see him and you run the other way