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one of my favorite supplements....

Mine happens to be… fresh air! I work out on a home GYM and at the GYM I’m always indoors. Right now I have to be since it is freezeing cold outside most of the time. But I can’t get enough of it! Crisp and refreshing. Even while I’m alseep I leave my window open in the middle of winter in the northern Sierra’s. It seems the more strict I get on my training and diet the more my body craves what is natural. Ahhhhhh…

Yeah, my parents live in the mountains of Oregon, and I get the best night’s sleep with the window open and the nice, crisp, fresh air coming in. My other favorite is ice cold, clear, refreshing spring water. And I don’t mean the stuff in the bottle, but actual cold water gurgling out of the ground. My folks are fortunate enough to have a natural spring on their property. As soon as I chug some of that stuff down, I seem to feel healthier and stronger right away. (Damn, I’m making myself thirsty!)

I agree and that is why I do not workout at the gym. I rather take a few kettlebells to the park or do some bodyweight drills at the beach. Especially since I live in Santa Monica and it is 70-80 degrees right now.

70-80 would be nice. We get maybe 50 in the day right now in Reno. Clean spring or river water splashed on your face is very refreshing too!

Amen to that, brother!

Burr… just thinking about it makes me shudder with cold. I’m not very fond of it. But I do agree w/ you about fresh air. Fresh air clears my head, and I feel great whenever I walk outside. :slight_smile: