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One of My Favorite Bodybuilders

What a back Lance D. had!! His entire physique was out of this world. I believe he was right there with Arnold! Don’t you agree???

Here’s another!

And, whatever happened to Lance. He seemed to disappear!!!

Nice physique. Just to play Pro Bodybuilder Judge for a sec: Great lats and arms, relatively small shoulders. Can’t see the legs, but glutes look underdeveloped, compared to that King Cobra lat flare. (okay, I don’t know why I felt the need to comment, but I did anyway).

Strange that I’ve never heard of him. What’s his last name?

Damn, that back is unreal.

I didn’t notice it, but like the other guy said, the shoulders look small in comparison.

Problem with getting one gigantic body part like that is it makes everything else looks small. In the first picture, his huge back spread makes his arms look kind of comical, like little ladybug legs hanging off a big round shell.

does anyone else think that almost all por bodybuilders have underdeveloped forearms? A lot of them have big forearms, but hardly any seem to have the developement to match their upper arms. Lee Priest is one of the few that has normal looking arms to me.
Sorry for the highjack.
This guys back IS huge, but like the others said, it makes the rest of him look a bit odd.