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One of Dan John's Programs

I am a big fan of Dan John’s writing, and I remember noticing that someone, in some unrelated thread, mentioned they had been doing a program from his website(not one that has been posted on T-Mag) with great results.

I did not immediately go straight there, and, the next day when I had more time and was trying to find the post through “search”, I could not locate it, and, just looking at Dan John’s site, none of the program names jump out at me as sounding terribly familiar.

So, I was hoping perhaps someone remembers what I’m talking about, or remembers having posted that themselves, or would just like to share their own Dan John experiance.a

transformation program or bulgarian whatever were probably the one’s you were lookin at.

Yes, it was “The 2001 Version of the Transformation Program”.

It is right here:


How did I know this?

  1. Clicked on “history” button in Internet Explorer.
  2. Clicked on “Last Week”.
  3. Saw “danjohn.org” listed as a site I had visited last week.
  4. Clicked danjohn and there was the link to that program.

Awesome feature of IE, except that it shocks you with the sheer quantity of porn sites in your browser history.