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One of Chuck Liddell's workouts

I found this on1ine. It is supposedly one of the workouts they do at “The Pit” which is the place Chuck Liddell trains.

[quote]FYI, If you want to do it to full PIT standards, here they are:

Each set of pushups & squats you change from 1 of 3 widths for the each:


#1)touching thumbs or “triangles”
#2)shoulder width
#3)as wide as possible


#1)catcher stance w/heels touching
#2)shoulder width
#3)wide squating or “horse” stance

All pushups are with feet crossed so that you’re balancing on one foot & make sure you’re going all the way down & all the way up without sticking your ass up, stay flat and eyes forward, not looking down at the ground.

All squats are with feet squared and not pointed outward & make sure to keep heels down at all times with your back straight, if you feel it in your lower back either during or after, then you bending over too much. Another rule on squats is you should be going down until your thighs are horizontal, an easy way to do this is to touch the sole of your shoes or the ground near your feet. If you do this with your heels flat, then you can be sure you’re going down far enough.

So with this numbering sequence, you’d start with 20 pushups in position #1, then 1 squat in position #1, then 19 pushups in position #2 followed by 2 squats in position #2, etc.

Of course you can reverse it and start with 20 squats.

One funny and kinda interesting thing is that some people swear that one way is easier than the other but then someone else will say the opposite. We used to do it both ways and we each have our own preferences, especially depending on what the rest of the workout consists of.

When you can do a full Blackjack with the correct form in under 20 minutes, you’re doing very great.

I think the record for doing 2 full Blackjacks back 2 back is 19 minutes.

Each Blackjack is 210 pushups and 210 squats[/quote]

The guy who posted that also said of it…

[quote]Blackjack is one of, if not THE, most cherished workouts that you can name.

Our standard workouts have always began with one and ended with one, while doing 60-100 pullups, sparring, and bag drills in between[/quote]

And this…

[quote]Hey Bri

I was saying two in 20 being around our best and that 1 in 20 is a good start for most.

Remember when we would start with one, work out for a couple hours, break each other’s noses and then finish with one.LMMFAO

I remember our best time for a single one being about 9 minutes.

When Eric, Chuck, and me took our Blackbelt test, it was 21 minutes for 2 of them back to back but that was after 5 miles, 60 pullups, 500 front kicks, leg-kicks on the bag, and 10 minute punch drills with 5 lb weights.

Maybe you’ve done two back-2-back in 14 minutes but that’s you. I’ve never held the “Strongest Man In Ventura County” title either you studmuffin. [/quote]


[quote]Originally Posted By unscarred53042: who the hell did two in 19 minutes?

Lots of us including lilbrian46, me, Uncle Rich, Tony The Terrible, Florentino. I don’t know, who else am I leaving out Brian?

Then when The Pit moved up north, like I said Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell, Eric “The Great” Schwartz, and yours truely did it all the time.

There’s lots of different ways to change it up to.

We used to use cards that would have which number you’d have to do, that way it would be at random. We’d shuffle the deck and draw a card-do the # reps for each exercise and then draw another card, etc. Forcing your body to adapt rather than get set in a routine can do some good stuff for conditioning and in reality, is a good simulation for fighting.[/quote]

Man, that looks BEASTLY!!! And Liddell is a beast, so obviously it works for him. I would love to see him train.