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One Night in Bangkok

Just wanted to pop in and say hi from Thailand. I’m here researching a series of articles for T-mag. Things are going well. It’s amazing here. Protein powder is illegal (not approved by their version of the FDA) yet steroids are over the counter.

I’d write more but I’m still too adrenalyzed from a wild cross city motorcycle taxi ride…and jet lagged…and in culture shock. I’ll pop back in later this week if the traffic doesn’t kill me…or the heat…or the jet lag…or the bar girls.

That’s pretty crazy that Protein powder is illegal but you can get steroids. Can you give us any idea on the articles you are writing?

Sometimes Chris makes me feel like I have no life! Thanks alot! Just kidding bud. Be careful.

Now, I got that damn song playing in my head, over and over again…"…one night in Bangkok…"

But that's pretty interesting to know that Protein powders are illegal. Patricia

Just don’t forget about the wife and daughter back in good ol’ Texas. Just kidding. I hear that Thailand is famous for their “friendly” women. If it were TC, I imagine the article would be solely about that.

Say hi to Dennis James and all that D-bol

Five pieces of advice and comments when someone visits Sin City:

  1. Find a local chick. They know who the REAL girls are.


  3. If the girls start pulling the razors out at a bar - LEAVE.

  4. Get a massage, they hurt like a mofo but ya feel great in the end.

  5. Bring a cheap Timex watch! You can get a slave for life for one in Thailand.

A buddy of mine said he saw Flex when we were there. We were by that mall near the fitness center - I had just stepped out for a piss break. He said “Hey I think your hero Flex Wheeler just walked by.” And he was serious.

Hey Shugs, don’t know if you’re coming back via Japan, but if you are, let’s grab a workout together…

don’t forget to checkout the muaythai stadiums.

Speaking of Dennis James, how bout an interview with that little kid who skips school so that James can pay him ten cents a day to load and unload his weights?:slight_smile:

I’ll ship you some protein if you’ll ship me some gear ! :slight_smile:

The article will probably be a three parter- Sex, Drugs & Rock and Roll, but mostly sex and drugs. This place is Viking Heaven (will explain that later).

Meeting with some Aussie pros tomorrow at Dennis James’ gym to talk about the drug scene. I think they own it and he manages it. Not sure if Dennis is in town or not. There’s some D-bol left on the shelves so maybe he’s out of town at the moment. (Tee-hee)

Should be an interesting series of articles, much better than my Mexico investigations.

And I’m being a good boy with the bar girls, although half the dancers in this town are wearing T-mag shirts tonight. It’s a tough job, but…


“Roving Reporter”

When I was in Bangkok, I checked into my nice, corporate, repectable hotel and was promptly asked by the concierge if I wanted a hooker sent to my room. You be careful over there!

yeah i was gonna say the same thing as spacemonkey. you could probably stop by dennis james’ house and lift with him. im sure he’s got plenty of “protein powder”

Of course protein powder is illegal. Everyone knows too much protein will kill your kidneys! BTW Chris, there is a great tailor in the Sheraton hotel in Bangkok if you need any new threads.

Got a great interview with self-exiled bodybuilder Shane Stratton (www.australianmuscle.com). Saw Dennis James in Shane’s gym but didn’t bother trying to interview him. Really don’t think he’d have anything worth saying to be honest. But the talk with Shane was good and enlightening. He was very honest about how many BB’s, powerlifters etc come to Thailand to juice because it’s legal and cheap. It’s always nice to talk to a bullshit-free competitive BB, as they’re pretty rare.

Headed to some temples today and to the Grand Palace. Figured I’d better see some other stuff today besides go-go bars, gyms, go-go bars, pharmacies and go-go bars. Then I’m going to a go-go bar.

Stratton looks great. Big but not stupid-looking big like most pros. Look forward to seeing the interview.

Chris, are you back yet? Did you survive?

Yep, I’m back and mostly alive. The first article will be posted this Friday.

Sorry, I missed most of this tread while you were over sea. Did you stay in the Hilton? Did you visit that the garden next to it. I am sure T-mag readers would get a kick out of that garden.
Glad your back safe.