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One Muscle Larger Than the Other


My right forearm is 1" larger then my left and my right forearm is about 20lbs stronger overall then my left. How do I get the left to catch up without losing muscle in the right?



You would think this problem would be easier to fix for guys.

Step one- Find girlfriend or pic of Jessica Alba in swim suit or butt naked

Step two- Let nature do its thang

Step three- Get lotion or Baby Oil

Step four- Remember to use alternate hand.


Switch hands!

Seriously, what hand do you load your plates with? If it's the bigger one, you've got yourself a partial answer, at the least. Something to think about.


What do you do for forearms?

Also are you a mechanic or electrician and use your right forearm a lot more than your left?


Both but I do tend to use my larger stronger had more often I would assume.


Nope but I do have a grip fetish. I own a number of grip items from Ironmind and use them religously. That is why im confused?


No problem there... I have to use both hands. :slight_smile:


"grip fetish". That sounds even kinkier than the usual shit that runs through my head. That's scary.