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One Movie Forever


Purely hypothetical.

You get to choose one movie, any language, any genre, any length that you can watch, but it's the only movie you can ever watch again. You'd watch it start to finish without skipping to the scenes you like or whatever. Truly the last and only movie you'd ever watch.

I thought about this today and I picked A Few Good Men. I will not get tired of this movie, I can watch it many times over and still feel like I'm interested and excited to watch it again.

What would you choose?


I'll think about it but first ...

That guy has the most awesome eyebrows in the universe.


I guess this one. Tough choice between this and Star Wars.


for reference. There may be 3 people who haven't seen it. Doubt they're here though.


Good Will Hunting. Never gets old to me.


Tombstone, watch it every time I see it on TV.


Probably The Return of the Jedi or Dr. No.




Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

EDIT: The original version, none of this remastered, altered, re-dubbed bullshit.


Shawshank Redemption


I don't believe they've made an unabridged movie of The Count of Monte Cristo, but taht would be my choice, as long as it were verbatim.


Short Circuit 2.

Pretty much impossible to get sick of this masterpiece.


Really though, one of the only movies I have never gotten sick of is Goodfellas


Training Day.


I could be happy with any of the lord of the rings movies, any of the origional star wars movies, or 300.





forever is a long time......


Since you mentioned it... might choose the original... let me think more about it though


Hmmm... I have to think on this one. There is one that comes to mind, but it's escaping me at the moment.


maybe this one