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One more time

hey everybody our routine is going to be on ESPN 2 at 12 noon on Feb. 17.

Timezone, man, timezone… =)

Eastern Time

Sorry dude. I missed you by 23 minutes, but I put espn2 on anyway. Its the thought that counts?

Unbelievable stuff, Gold!!! For some reason, I couldn’t get a good feed from the internet site you recommended, so I caught it all on ESPN-2.

As I was watching, I thought about how close each team must be, especially when the commentators pointed out such small mistakes that squads would make. Seems like a little shake here or a stumble there could make all the difference. (I guess it must be a policy to not show the major falls; if it is, I think that it’s a GREAT policy. That would be a shame to start showing that kind of mishap).

And the LINGO! (I guess every sport has their own!); Toss Cupies? Flat-Backs? Basket Tosses? 2-2-1’s and 2-1-1 Stags? You guys sound almost as cool as the snowboarders!!:)–!!

For the jerks you dealt with last week on the Forum? No comment. The athleticism of all the squads spoke for itself, baby…

AAhhhh…and the cute Southern Women…(had to put that in!)

Good luck to the squad, Gold…this is TOUGH stuff…my hat goes off to you all!!!

Thanks for the compliments. the only differences are in difficulty. You try to make it as difficult as possible but still doable. Incidentally, most of the lingo is used wrong by the announcers. They messed up three or four times. And they get to watch it a few times before they do it so they know whats coming. they are pretty stupid.