One more question Chad

I?m 43 years old, trained off and on for 20 years, consistently for the last 5, natural. Stats: 178 lbs, 5 foot 9 inches, bench 275x3, squat 305x3, deadlift 345x3, (on a good day I can do 12 supinated chins). Ian King workouts have been very effective for me. In about a month I will finish a 4 day a week program combining his advanced upper and lower programs and am looking for a follow up. OSC in last weeks mag looks like something that would help me toward my ?summer look? but I am very jealous of the strength I have managed to build. Do you think my power on the big lifts would go down? It looks like ?and now for something completely different? from what I have been doing. I would like to lean out some and not lose power or size (never heard that before huh). Is this the program you would recommend to me?

Chad is, unfortunately, no longer running the Guest Forum.

Hell, I know that, that’s why I posted here. Regardless I was looking for some input into this routine for my next 7 weeks. What do ya think?

Ah, okay.

Well, I’ll just say this: While I’ve not done OSC, I have a very good impression that you won’t be loosing strength on -any- of Chad’s programs. He’s usually quite centered on building it.

Tinman: I believe Chad said people shouldn’t be doing OSC on a hypocaloric diet because recovery will be hampered.

I know he has suggested to me to do his Next Big 3 program after my Mag-10 cycle to maintain my gains, and I assume he is talking about both my strength and mass gains. The NB3 program might be something you want to look into.