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One More Problem


Ok thanks for the advice (sorry about the aol slang). Also I'd like help with another problem, I am 19 years old-height 6ft 1" now and my my chest size is still 36", probably because I am Underweight and Also have a slight potrusion in my sternum so I am really Mildly 'pigeon chested'. that does not bother me, but are there any reasons why my chest size is small???

I wan't to increase it from 36" to 42". Also my pecs are undeveloped and needs improvment. Can you lot give me some advice I will really appreciate it Thanks


The information in your other thread should be sufficient to help you in your goals, that kind of increase does not occur overnight, use this site to find a solid program and nutrition advice and get started. I recomend Westside for skinny bastards or Antibodybuilding for hypertrophy, use the search function to find them.

good luck in you endevours



The fact that he keeps asking the same question over and over should let you know that this isn't what he wants to hear.

Nike, I would love to know how many times you have been in the gym this week. I would live to know how many times you have eaten today, yesterday, and the day before. I ask this because I know someone who keeps asking "how long" has already been hard at work at it....right?


right I am already started woking out I have gym equipment at home and I have increeased my calorie intake and also bought whey protien supplements. I presume many people who are jsut starting out would ask obscure unpatient questions in to the duration the body develops.


No, I asked how many times you have trained this week. I asked how many meals you ate today, yesterday, and the day before.


Your genetics...


Never lifting...

We'll let you choose nike.


Good for you! Now all you have to do is lift!

Many people forget that you can ask for advice all you want, but the only way you're going to stop asking for that advice is when you finally do research, and learn! Don't make it so complicated. Lifting is just a matter of pushing weight around. You're not trying to solve an Algebra equation... Even though that's pretty simple too, mind you.


Whoa there shooter, when the prof talks you should listen he know alot about gaining quality mass. To answer your question yes you can ask questions, just not the same one, gaining 30 lbs and putting inches on your chest go hand in hand. Here is a tip, USE THE SEARCH, all the answers are on the site just look before you ask



No, I asked how many times you have trained this week. I asked how many meals you ate today, yesterday, and the day before.


I trained 3 times this 4x this week,just had my fifth meal and 6 yeserday and 5 the day before,can I ask the same question to you.


I have trained everyday this week and usually eat up to 7-8 meals a day. First, I am glad to hear that you have trained that regularly, if it is true. I am now wondering what it is you are doing in your home gym. I am wondering how your routine is set up or if there even is one. You wrote that you think genetics are the reaoisn you are so skinny. No, you are as skinny as you are because you don't eat enough and haven't been training hard enough long enough. Even people with "weak" genetics can make significant changes to their appearance.


What if all these "skinny" people on here are really one person just creating these profiles to see how many times Professor X can go on about eating and lifting big.

Oh, Prof! A gold star for working out EVERYDAY this week! Nice job.


It is actually easier than you think.
1, are you able to handle more and more weight on each exercise over a given amount of time? If not, expect to remain the same. 2, Are you gaining scale pounds? If not, the sum of all your activities is equal to or more than your caloric intake.

Are big guys the ones to ask? Not necessarily, but it is a damn good model. Ideally ask someone who guided another person who couldn't progress without them and they made gains. It is all about the basics. Do good football teams rely on trick plays? NO. Master the basics.

Pick a routine off this site and do it. Big boy basics. Are any better than the others? Maybe. Lift frequently. Keep a journal, both for lifting and eating. If it isn't working after two weeks at least a little, change it. If it is working, ride it until it down't.


I'll lay an egg if that's you in your avatar Oogie.


Oogie - why the homo-erotic fascination with the big black weightlifter?

Or is it with the little skinny boys that X gives his advice to that gets you to churning butter?

Kudos to Prof for having the self-control to give you all the attention you deserve.


Have you seen his profile?
I absolutely LOVE his before picture!


Well, he's got the same pic with his face in it in his profile...make it an Omega 3 egg.

That still doesn't change the fact that he has some odd obsession with X and redited his first progress photo thread and took out all the pictures.