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One More Day Waterbury Method

As most of you know, the Waterbury method is:
Day 1-Lift
Day 2-Cardio
Day 3-Lift
Day 4-Cardio
Day 5-Lift
Day 6-Cardio
Day 7-Completely off, no lift or cardio

I would like to remove one of those rest days and have another lifting day, maybe Day 6 completely off and then boom do Day 1 again in Day 7’s place.

I Know you grow out of the gym not in it, but I feel like at my age (21) and my amount of rest time (9+ hours nightly) and the fact I am on meal plan (unlimited food, yumm) I can afford a little more frequency. What do you all think?

Note: I am familar with Waterbury Method, my description is vague (lift, cardio, completely off etc…) for the sake of time. Would it make sense to just do day 1 a day early and get in one extra day per week that way??

I mean this whole fullbody thing can go 4x a week cant it?

I’d stll recomend at least one day totall off, maybe two. BUT if you must, feel free, just make sure to keep tabs on how you feel, as you might get burned out. A few of CW’s programs are 4 days a week (liting) but have at least one day off completely in them.

If you havn’t already, maybe get his book off this site, it was an interesting read (fast read if you are a T-Nation regular and have been for a while) and the progrmas are fun and work.

I’d drop a cardio day and add a lifting day…You do not have enough rest built in, losing your one day off would be completely counter productive.

I am sorry I guess I wasn’t clear, yeah I was going to turn a cardio day into a lifting day and keep the total day off completely intact.

1: Lift
2: Cardio
3: Lift
4: Off
5: Lift
6: Cardio
7: Lift
Week 2::
1: Off
2: Lift
3: Cardio
4: Lift
5: Cardio
6: Lift
7: Off
Week 3::
1: Lift
2: Cardio
3: Lift
4: Cardio
5: Lift
6: Off
7: Lift

See what I am doing there? Never lifting consecutive days, so every ODD week I find myself with the same number of lifting days as originally prescribed. I just wanted to up the frequency a bit and I know one extra workout every 2 weeks seems insignificant but times 52 weeks means 26 additional full body workouts, with the 2.5% load increase per workout…well you catch my drift!

I sometimes undereat and now that I am in college I find myself going to the caf 5 times a day loading up on chicken breast, turkey, wheats, water and some whole milk. I am eating ALOT and pretty clean. I figure might as well use this opportunity to get as big as I can.