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One More Case - Thanks, CT


I have to give thanks to CT too. In 6 weeks more or less I increased 41 pounds on bench press my 1RM. In all these weeks I didn't loss weight, and I'm intaking around 2000 kcal of average and hit intervals 4 times a week. Someday I'm intaking 1400 kcal, 1800. My legs even have new shape and I increased 88 pounds my back squat in these weeks too.I have problems to loss fat, but it's been incredible how my SNC has improved, and how I adapted to training.

I'm 31 years old and I've always trained with the regular and popular guidelines, I'm not bodybuilder but I'm weighting 185-190 lbs. My shape is very good, although I'm very humble, and I'm training alone in my gym. All people watch what I do, and how I do, so that's mean I have something different.

I can't follow the protocol but I try to pick up the essence and play with the timings and the basics. I don't know what can occur if I can follow all the protocol or if I had the opportunity of learn more and more, and understand all Christian write, even to train near him or under his supervision. Sometimes I'm feeling powerless or helpless because I can't express correctly and I have troubles to speak English and I would like to ask a zillion questions. I have to put too much effort in the language and I have to pay a lot of attention in the threats and the readings I do with each post of Christian.

As you can see in my posts and my questions are not relevant and I don't have any preference regarding CT. Only focusing in one way, having patience, and go ahead with his guidelines. Only listen to him (well listen is wrong, reading him and trusting on him) I reached this marks and my body shape is very good. The unique aspect I failed this time is being to get ripped as I want, but time to time.

If I reached these marks, putting a lot of mass, training alone, without speak English, only reading his threats and training very hard, and fed like Christian explain us, you guys would be able to reach everything, and with all the protocol, my God. Heck! when I'm training I'm visualizing Christian is behind me, and his looking at what I'm doing, my technique at the same time I'm feeling the body I want. You have all the keys and the opportunities to achieve the next level in yours bodies even health.

Beyond I, BODYBUILDER, protocols, supplements and so on, I have to recognize that Christian share little keys but with incredible results for us. I feel too much respect to him, and if he has decided go ahead with I bodybuilder, I'm sure there's a reason. You have to pick up his essence, his knowledge and extrapolate to you. And if you have the opportunity to do the protocol, come on! Donâ??t think about marketing, supplements and discussions that get you off from your goal.

Thanks coach.


Why can't you follow the protocol? Biotest ships to most countries, don't they?


Border taxes ..


Ok take Total cost of products.

Double the cost to get the shipping & add the product cost.

Then add in the custom taxes, and delivery taxes.

Add all that up and go to the bank and ask for more credit cards :stuck_out_tongue:


That's how I do it... But I do it...


No ParagonA, in Europe some Countries have restrictions. I'm willing to get them but is impossible. The cost is very relative, I don't care if my body and my porgress is according to my goal. This is the main problem I see with protcols or programs launched by T-Nation or CT because sometimes are dependen on Biotest and foreigns have problems to follow each step.

Protocol per se are not a miracle, and I think people are expecting magic solutions. To be effective you have to train very hard and I think this is the principal issue to consider. How you train? be objective and honest yourself. If so, try protocol, if not, learn to train, learn to control your mind and learn to fed. When you are controling these variables then try something new to break your limits.

I have to say that the unique brands I have confidence are Poliquin (which I test his supplements and is awsome)and Biotest due to a reference I have about this brand and I can't access to Biotest and I've never tasted. So to me is enough a few supplements but with the best quality.


michell, you have a great attitude. hard work, gratitude, willingness to experiment and think for yourself,... keep it up man.


Oh boy... posts that make me go hmm...

A proper peri-workout protocol and optimal training routine can do wonders. An advanced weight lifter can boost plateaus and reach new levels (in both bodyweight and composition as well as strengh-wise) which he just couln't do by just drinking 'nough milk and do heavy squats, you know.

The fact that a newbie will make fast progress no matter what he does in the gym doesn't mean that he could make much faster gains with an optimal training, nutrition and supplementation protocol.

I agree that - for educational reasons and for the sake of adaption to a new lifestyle - a beginner is well advised to first focus on learning proper training technique, program design, diet design, and so on. But the again, such a person shouldn't implicitly tell me "to focus on the basics" of weigh liftng and nutrition blablabla...


I completely agree. Maybe I can't express what I want. I don't want you to get me wrong, so there are a lot of threats to discuss every issue about I BODYBUILDER, portocols and so on.

I prefer discuss about training, how to improve and share a lot of things.

When I can do the protocol be sure I'll do, but I've made my homemade protocol and the resulsts are awsome. I don't count Kcal either but I'm becoming crazy because I can't loss either fat or weight with a few Kcal. I mean the important impact of the correct nutrition around the workout.

This is one of my best pics from a few months ago. I know, mirror, lights, cheat day before etc, but I reach my own goals slone following one way and apply Christian's phylosophy. What I can, obviulsy. I'm natural, and this shot has a lovely story.

I want to say that I'm my own inspiration, my own coach, my own motivation, and If I'm able to reach that humble physique without tools like you, I can't imagine if I could to have
access to them.


Are there any restrictions for importing to your country? May I ask which? I've had several products from Biotest taken in customs. I'm trying to figure out how I can get my hands on it anyway. (+ any tips for europe-shipping, i.e. ordersizes and such)



I currently live in Switzerland. There are some restrictions, but it's centainly no problem to import protein powders, bars, etc., i.e. all the supps from Thib's peri-wo protocol.

I believe in EU coutries this should be possible, too. I lived in Germany for a while. No problems there. Only very "special" supps - like Alpha Male, Z-12, ... - may cause problems there.


Cannot order any Whey products from the States at this time.

Along with practically any "special" products.


Surge Workout Fuel here is £52.50 a tub, it's a precious commodity!


Works out to about £45 a tub if you order direct from Biotest, and that's including taxes and shipping etc.

I don't see why people pay some other companies overheads when they can get it from the source for cheaper. It's not like the shipping takes more then a week.



You can not order whey or any milk products to the UK from the states without a permit.


Has anyone placed a bulk order of the Para workout protocol to England yet? what is the tax like on a shipment of that size?


Ok, what about customs? Have you successfully ordered Surge Workout Fuel and FINiBARs with only ever having to pay taxes and shipping?

I'd definitely make bulk orders if this was the case, but it's too risky that i'd just be completely stiffed over and still have to pay £60+ worth of shipping.

My sister had to pay an extra £15 to customs for a package of dvd's from the US!


If you read my post again, you'll see that I said including taxes and shipping. Meaning 12.8% duty and 15% VAT, plus the shipping cost.

Yes you'll have to pay those things, but if ordering in bulk it still works out cheaper.



I've never heard of this, and have never run into the problem myself.

You can ask any of the UK members with the appropriate level. You can order all of those supplements without a permit. No one I know has had a problem so far.