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One More Alleged Cop Beating



Well ladies and gentlemen, seems like the police just cant seem to catch a break anywhere. And this one happened in San Antonio.

Not too sure about this one. The video isnt very good. Take a look and see for yourself. Looks like they took him down and then he is on his knees trying to resist at first.

I hate to see this type of thing. Who knows how it really went down. Hell, give it a look.



I couldn't really tell anything from that video.


Yea, its hard to see what is going on with it. I did see the part where he was hitting him. But the camera moved to the girl laying down when she sceamed. Then it was just him on the ground on his knees.

It doesnt show what caused the officer to hit him. Other than him resisting that could be the only reason.



Nope not really...but I do agree it would be kinda nice to have cameras in our cars..hell I would put a camera and mike on my shirt pocket if I could.

Funny thing about my dept...they put in a new cop monitoring system..where any complaint..unfounded or founded would go on the cops record and if he showed a pattern of he would get investigated. Sounds like a good plan right..well wrong.

People who work in different areas had different complaints..they found most people who work downtown get into the most resistances because of the drunks at the bars and clubs. People who work in areas that are predominantly minorities would get complaints of racism. People that work in areas of upper class rich would get complaints of rudeness. Well because of that system..as I said even if the complaint has no merit the complaint went against the cops record.

So cops stopped going after criminals...all they did was answer radio calls and not do anything outside of the radio for fear of complaints. This has been going on for the last year or so...

Well whatta ya know crime is up and arrests are down compared to the previous year and the current administration is baffled as to why that is.

SO if it would make all the bogus complaints go away...and it would weed out bad apple (which I don?t think we have alot of) I am all for cameras. T

The bad things about cameras is you don?t see everything. I saw a Cali cop start to search a handcuffed prisoner (the angle of the camera was from across the back of the cop car so you couldn?t see the waist down of both parties) and all of a sudden the cop slams the head of the suspect into the trunk of the car the then hits him closed fist in the face. Well the instructor stopped the tape and asked us what we thought of that. Well of course we said there needs to be an investigation of him and all the cops watching him do that. And about how wrong that is. So we have 30 cops in a room telling the instructor that the video showed us everything we need to know and we started to pass judgment on what happened. Well we also saw the recorded media footage and the public outrage at what happened. Because the incident was under investigation the police dept couldn?t publicly respond to the allegations. But the officers were not charged any wrong doing. (tried searching for the articles and the video but not having a lot of luck)

Well little did the media or the public now?a cop car had a video of its own except you could see the side view of the suspect and the cop from the waist down. Well the video showed the suspect grab the cops balls while h was searching him and when the cops slammed him against the car he still didn?t let go and that was when the cop hit him.

And the reason the cops gave on why no charges were filed against the cops was that the suspect was resisting arrest. But I don?t think the police video went public so people were calling it an outrage and good ole boy system when they had no clue.

Thus is why cameras are the cop?s best friend?more the merrier I say.



I do agree with the camera thing as well. It has its good and its bad. Just like you said you could only see the top half of the cop and the suspect. God forbid if there hadnt been a second patrol car there to catch the whole thing. Who knows what would have happend.

Now on the issue of the cops being afraid of doing there job for fear of loosing it. Man I hate that. I hate when you have your hand tied by things like this. Just for fear of getting a complaint and then being ivestigated just for doing you job.

We had a similar thing in Iraq when I was dealing with detainees. When we fist got there it was be firm but fair. dont take any crap off of them but dont go to far. Well, we did our job. We had alot of nonlethal stuff at our disposal like OC and Tazers,nonlethal shot gun rounds and a really bad ass paintball gun that shot inpact rounds and rounds filled with OC.(pepper spray for you folks who dont know what OC is.) Whe had certain rules of engagement to fallow. And we followed them. Until two of our guys had to go in and restain an unruly detainee. Well, the detainee wouldnt comply with any comands.(now the detainee spoke english better than I do so he did understand) So our guys went in and the detainee took a swing at one of our guards. Well, the guard sidesteped it and took him down. The detainee got out of it and went to kick the other guard and that guy tazed the shit out of him. The whole five seconds. To make a long story short they got him under controle and handcuffed. The detainee then filed a complaint against the two guards and they where under investigation by the CID. Thats what the Army uses like FBI. The detainee said we beat him tazed him 5 times.( we only did it 2 times.) And that when we had him on the ground we stood his head and stomped him in the back. When all we did was kneel down beside him and put our knee on his neck and one on the back of his leg like we are trained to do.

But, after that. None of use would carry anything in to protect our selves. We would just have a guy stand at the gate with a shot gun. And the Towers with there M-4's. We were so afraid of being caught up in something like what happened at Abu Gharab that we couldnt do our jobs effectively. And the detainees knew this so they took advantage of it every chance they got.

After that the whole place went to shit because everyone was afraid of doing there job in fear of being court marshaled and kicked out and put in jail.

The two guards where cleared but had to stay an extra 2M in Iraq for the investigation. That was another reason nobody would do anything. I know I wasnt gonna stay and extra 2M for some bullshit like that.

Its sad when cops cant do there job for fear of being under investigation.

I myself was under investigation for firing on a detainee with nonlethal. When I fired in accordance with the ROE. After that I didnt give 2 shits what thouse guys did as long as they didnt try to hurt our kill one of my guys. Luckily My investigation was at the start of my deployment. So I didnt have to stay longer.