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One more about Mag-10 + Vitex

Why would it be a bad idea to take plain old Vitex while on Mag-10?

BUMP because I’m really interested in the answer to this one. I would like to know what either Mag-10 or Vitex does, that would make me not want to take them both at the same time. Thanks guys.

I don’t think it’s really “bad” but that you would probably be better served by using it after a cycle to kick up your surpressed T levels. Then again I would just ask Bill. :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s bad, just probably no
point, as Keago said. In the face of
the levels of androgen produced by MAG-10,
I doubt Vitex would do anything towards
keeping natural T up while actually “on”
anyway. Instead, use it to stimulate natural
T production once androgen levels are not
being made high, after the MAG-10 cycle.

How long would vitex or “M” take to kick in?

Thanks guys. That’s all I wanted to know.