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One Month Until Deadlift Comp


Hey everyone, im new to the forums but not the site. I'm doing my first deadlift comp at the end of january. Does anyone have a good routine to follow for a short meet prep. I have search tnation and can't find one. I remember there was an article on here that was a month long program but i cannot find it. If anyone could help me out that would be great.


try backing off and doing more higher rep sets for the first half of the month. as you get closer to competition start peaking again


You're less than a month out and asking how to peak for a meet? Seriously?

Week 1 - Pray.

Week 2 - Pray some more. Use tarot cards to determine opener/attempts.

Week 3 - Deload.


i know it is short, but i had other obligations this past month. It is also my first competition and I want to see what it is like to be on the platform. Thanks for the advice though, i'll put pray under "things to do." But seriously, if anyone has any advice on percentages and rep schemes, that would be apperciated. If no one has any real advice then no problem, I will figure it out on my own


It just comes off as being lazy when you provided no info about your training up to this point and want someone to guide you in with days to go.


Don't worry about it. Just go into the meet like it's a workout. Take three attempts after warmups, with the last being a new pr. First attempt is something you can do for an easy five, second would be something you can double, third, a new max.

And don't deadlift the week of the meet.


that's some funny shit...just don't take the competition too seriously, have fun with it. Go with what Tom said for choosing weights. If you're under your competition bodyweight, start eating like crazy, it'll help you...whatever you can stuff in your face, eat it.

You've only got about 3 weeks of time that you can train...I'd take the last week off before the competition just to be fully recovered. HTH


Hope you meet goes well man. Let us know how you do. What weight do you plan on weighing in at?


I weight a little over 200 right now, i plan on competing in 198. I have pulled 515 lb last month for 1 rep. I have been doing 5/3/1 for the past 2 months. I am new to powerlifting, but i am not new to health and fitness. I may have been unclear with my recent post. I have been training, just not specifically for this event. 5/3/1 doesn't really let you peak so i wasn't sure how percentages and rep schemes to follow for a meet. I am eating a lot also. I know also know to deload the week before. thank you for all your info so far. Since this is not the best time to start a program, i'm going to continue to follow 5/3/1, but should i start to add some singles? Also, im extremely excited to do this meet and see what i can do


This may be the article you were referring to:


Good luck at the competition


thank you Tim, that is exactly what i was looking for.


Backing off and peaking? Did you read the OP, or do you just spew generic, inappropriate advice?

1 month is about 3 training weeks. Your recommendation is doing high rep sets for 2 weeks then peak in one week?


In 1 month, you're not going to increase your strength significantly. You could however, really mess things up if you try to do too much.

I'd say just keep doing 5/3/1 like you are but two weeks out only hit the minimum reps and do very little assistance. Then one week out, do a deload week (you could do exactly what the 5/3/1 deload suggests or less but not more).


Thanks oboile


Assuming you have been training hard up to this point, I would recommend mostly tapering. I have always found with the DL being fresh at the meet has always worked best. My best results have always been when I didn't do too much heavy pulling or difficult pulling (i.e. pull reps to near max) close to the meet. Here's what I would do in your situation using 5/3/1.
4 weeks out: training as normal
3 weeks out: minimum reps then work up to opener (opener shouldn't be difficult)
2 weeks out: few singles at ~70%
1 week out: rest or 2-4 singles at no more than 50%


Thanks SRS2000, I like your idea a lot, im going to try it out. Thanks for the help