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One Month To Get As Big As Possible...


Ive got one month to gain as much mass as possible, theres so many damn programs, i dont know where to start... my diet is in check, any thoughts or recommendations on a hypertrophy program? WSFSB? EDT? HSS? Max-OT? HWat program have you used to see the most gains in 4 weeks?

Im not new to lifting, ive been in the gym lifting 3-4 days a week for the last 3 years, but never lifted for size.


What have you been lifting for?

Impressive physiques are build over many years, a single month will do very little, but tie a few months together and you will see results.


30 Day Mass Plan



so something like a 30 day mass plan..........


Im a martial artist so ive been focussing on alot of endurance type work, with one day of weight work.

but the dojos i train at are closing for a month soon & i want to come back a weight division above what i am now...


Well, if you need to put on weight for the weight's sake creatine can add about 10 lbs in a week of loading. Granted it's all water weight.


creatine water weight gain wouldnt be practical for his fighting purposes because it would then put him in a higher weight class with no additional muscle...therefore hed be at a disadvantage. Water weight wont help him win a fight.


steroids is best way to get huge in one month, you have 3 years experience I would say you could do it.


since your a martial artist mate then you really want as clean a muscle gains as possible...no fat.

Imo you are looking at a few pounds a month (natural) if you train smart and eat a good quality diet with suffice calories. any more than that then you are very genetically gifted or gaining fat.

you need practical strenth so hypertrophy specific training isnt ideal imo. basic lifts (deadlift, squat, bench press, shoulder press), olympic liftts and bodyweight lifts in a full body workout 3 times a week are the way forward for you.

along with a good diet this will let you make gains in proportion to your increasing strength in a time that suits your body.

steroids aint the answer for you i dont think.




what's your hurry?


i really dont think u can gain any significant mass in 1 month but consider these points

1.use a good quality weight gain

2.use agood quality creatine

3.incorporate something different from the norm in your training ie.dropsets ,h.i.t/giant sets/supersets/go beyond failure with a spotter.

  1. dont tottaly stop cardio asthis will help u eat more and ur body will use the nutrients better.

5.its all about the food every 3hrs lots of clean fuel. im not promising significant mass but u will see some difference .good luck


Follow the MegaBulk diet from bodybuilding.com

Monday - Friday:
1st meal:
7 weet bix 2 eggs and glass of milk
2nd Meal:
Bowl Of continental chicken and vegetables family pack rice (125grams)
3rd Meal:
Bowl Of continental chicken and vegetables family pack rice (125grams)
4th Meal:
Bowl Of continental chicken and vegetables family pack rice (125grams)
5th Meal:
3 eggs and glass of milk or water
6th Meal:
Bowl Of continental chicken and vegetables family pack rice (125grams)
7th Meal:
Bowl Of continental chicken and vegetables family pack rice (125grams)
8th Meal:
7 weetbix 2 eggs and glass of milk
-GYM Time-
9th meal Whole large chicken and glass of milk or water

Saturday and Sunday
Consisted of anything you feel like really.
Whole chickens, Rump steaks, Weetbix and occasionally cheat meals.


Not gonna let it die.


What's the number difference in weight classes you're looking to jump. Sorry, I'm no expert in this area.


But only if you're willing to predict your new body fat percentage with a shoe.


i take 2.5g creatine 2x p/day at the moment, i suppose theres no reason i couldnt load for 2-3 weeks


i have never juiced & never intend to. if i cant achieve something without chemical help i dont want to achieve it.


Im looking at a HST program at the sec & doing the cardio on the in-between days...


LMAO - no way could i or would i follow that diet. I currently consume a clean 2000 cals (im 70kgs), im going to double the amounts of the same foods... i can post my diet if y'all want to see what it looks like anyway.


Theres a 10kg (22lbs) diff. between divisions, at the specific event im looking at...