One Month to Bigger Biceps & Triceps

by Jason Brown

The 6-12-25 Method

Build bigger biceps and triceps in four weeks with this simple but challenging training method. Check it out.

Bring up your lagging muscles with giant sets that target agonist muscle groups. As a reminder, giant sets are where you do three exercises in a row for the same muscle using minimal rest between the movements. But let’s add a twist by using the 6-12-25 format. Here’s how it looks:

First Exercise: Use a heavier weight for 6 reps for submaximal strength.
Second Exercise: Use a moderate weight for 12 reps for hypertrophy.
Third Exercise: Use a lighter weight for 25 reps for strength-endurance.

You’re covering all the bases and triggering a lot of metabolic stress. Here are two effective giant sets:

Triceps Specialization

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A1. Close-Grip Bench Press 3 6 10 sec
A2. Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 3 12 10 sec.
A#. Banded Pushdown 3 25 3 min.

Biceps Specialization

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A1. Strict Chin-Up 3 6 10 sec.
A2. Supinated-Grip Inverted Row 3 12 10 sec.
A3. Banded Curl 3 25 3 min.

Note the band exercise for the third lift. The variable resistance of bands (on Amazon) (tension increases through the ROM instead of being constant) is a better fit when we consider the fatigue that’s already been set in motion from the first two exercises.

Using a band variation will account for the high level of fatigue and make the final exercise more realistic. Bands are also a great fit for high-volume exercises.


Use this method two to three times per week for no more than four weeks, progressing from 3 sets on each movement on the first week and 4 sets on the second, respectively. After that, use new exercise variations but the same 6-12-25 method.


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Pair this with some Surge Workout Fuel and it would be an incredible pump. Going to try this come Jan 2024.


This is not too far from HIT arm specialization routines by Ellington Darden - with one exception: In HIT you would only do one set series. That said, three or four set series would most likely burn me out. The difference being an emphasize on negatives in HIT.

Still an interesting routine indeed!