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One Month of Only Running, No Lifting/Bodyweight Training?

I have a question, it may sounds stupid but maybe it can have a lot of benefits. The first wave and the second wave i did a lot of bodyweight exercises and i came back in the gym really stronger. The month that just past i only did strenght training and i progress ALOT. more faster than when i was doing powerlifting.

Gym will close for the Third time. I was talking with a friend and we thought about a running periodisation. No more weight, no more bodyweight. Only Run ! is it stupid or it can be effective for a month or too before we can go back to gym again ?

Is it stupid? Of course not. While it will not have the same effect on strength as bodyweight work, it can have long-term benefits.

What I would personally recommend a running periodization along with one weekly session of sprints and jumps as well as plenty of mobility work.

I went on a podcast to talk about that exact situation and mentioned, that while endurance work will not help you maintain your strength or your size, by improving your overall physical condition it will help you in many ways when you come back to heavy lifting. You will be able to recover faster and handle more volume per session. I also find that when you are in better condition your strength on sets of 4-6 (or more) reps on squats and deads doesn’t decrease as much from set to set.

Another positive thing is that by being away from any form of resistance training for a month you will resensitize your body to resistance training and will progress fast once you get back.

I also like a sprint/jumps session in there to keep up neurological efficiency. And the mobility work benefits should be quite obvious.


cool thank you ! i will do what you suggest me. Do you have a mobility drill to suggest me ?